Marketing BIG BRAINS! Have you got one?

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Hi Everyone,

I have a product that I am currently set up using RAPS, I do believe the product / Sales letter are excellent. Recently had that confirmed from a well known copywriter via a 5minute video critique.

Getting traffic is something I am working on, but my question is.

How would you market this product in order to maximize either

a) Cash

b) Optins

Im open to give out resale rights as long as I could get signups, even as much as 100% front end again if I could get the optins.

I think I remember Harris Fellman and Richard Osterude do this with peel aways ads.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

The product is a video skins package, with several animated bonuses. I will add the link to my signature so you can see the product I am wanting to discuss.


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    Hi Darren,

    For cash, I would JV with the big boys and give them 75%. If this is your first deal and you're trying to get a list going, give it to them for 100%. (I recommend option number 2. It will pay off big time!)

    Go for it!

    ~Mike Cowles. <><
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    For anyone wanting to promote for Darren, It's a great package.


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      Hi Darren,

      I clicked on your link and then waited. Then I waited some more. And then I thought I would bail, but I wanted to see your webpage. So I waited some more.

      The page finally loaded, so I was able to check it out.

      If this was one of my websites I would want it to load faster. It seems you have all the code loaded into a single table with additional tables inside that one. You might want to break that one large table into smaller ones so they load sequencially and your visitors can see the first part of the page while the rest of the tables load.

      Even if you broke it down into two tables so that at least the above the fold part plus a little more loaded you will enhance your visitor experience.


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