Is It Possible To Create A New Product & Sell 100 Copies In Less Than 14 Days?

by dordor
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Is It Possible To Create A New Product & Sell 100 Copies In Less 14 Days?

Well, I have decided to challenge myself to create a new info product and sell 100 copies in less than 14 days.

Why? In the past couple of weeks I had tons of great ideas for new products. But somehow, after a lot of thinking, I decided to give up.
I think I take thing too hard and always try to make the 'perfect plan'.

Over-thinking - instead of acting!
So, this time it's going to be different.

I have decided to share the challenge/experience with you, so i'm going to update this thread about my process.

Here is what I did today:
Got up today, gathered my thoughts and wrote down the main ideas fro my new products - about an hour.

Creating the presentation - at this point I decided I need to add more content to the product so I had to reorganize my ideas. Created a simple presentation using NeoOffice. I also designed a clean logo using photoshop. About two hours.

Recorded the videos - since I know the material this was the easy part. I opened the presentation and talked about it. I use Screen mimic and Jing to capture screen and audio. About 1.5 hours.

Short sales letter - I usually love this part but for some reason, today, I just wanted to finish it and move on. After an hour I finished writing and edited it for another hour. Can't say this is my best work but this is just the first version. I will probably edit it later on.

[u]My plans for tomorrow:[\u]
- Create a video sales letter based on the copy I wrote today.
- Design and setup a web page.
- Marketing - I'll run a WSO to get some feedback and sales. After that I will start promoting on other forums. I'll see how it goes.

I will keep you updated
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  • Good luck and well done for taking action!
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      Why should it take so long to do?
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    is it possible, yes in the perfect world, is this the perfect world for you !!!!! hmmmm only you know the answer
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    Good for you for taking action and announcing to the world!
    More than what most people do.

    I would wish you 'good luck', except I think you already have it.

    "Luck is the offspring of opportunity and preparation." - Tony Robbins

    Certain Laws of the Universe are undeniable and unbreakable.
    Take physics for example. An object in motion, tends to stay in motion.

    Keep with the momentum and 'luck' will favor you.


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    If you have a list of buyers and affiliates who will buy and promote your product it could be done in less than 72 hours.
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    Doing this from scratch is hard.

    Don't expect a huge volume of sales for your first product... it will take time to build up a reputation, a list of buyers, and knowledge of what exactly works and doesn't work. I do better with every subsequent WSO I release; the first few hardly broke even, but I sold quite a few a recent WSO in just a day or two. Still haven't broken the 100-copies-sold mark for any products, but I'm getting there.

    I think you're on the right path too. Good luck with your first!
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    Definitely is possible with a good products and correct marketing.

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    Surely getting ONE decent JV partner would be enough to sell 100 copies! So you could do it in one day Check out the Andy Hussong interview on the subject - - it makes a LOT of sense. Put it on your mp3 player though and listen at the supermarket or something, no sense in using up valuable time

    Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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  • Profile picture of the author Willie Crawford
    Yes, it is possible. I've done it and seen it done
    numerous times.

    I do hope that you started with market research
    and confirmed that people actually want and are
    already buying products similar to yours.

    I also think that the product creation part is not
    your biggest challenge... it's the marketing. A huge
    percentage of great products die on the vine. So
    you need to have your marketing plan well thought
    out and probably already in motion at this point.


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    Yes it is absolutely possible to do just that.

    My last product was as a result of a private challenge. I never made what I was to do, public. But it was sort of a challenge between myself and a fellow marketer (who has posted in this thread by the way) and it happened in a chat room with a couple of our peers and friends who are also making money online.

    It sold almost 200 copies in a day. Yes it involved a JV but before I was approached for the JV I had already sold over 50+ copies in a couple of hours. I didn't utilize my list, I don't even had a considerable list to this day, and if you take the later statement, It didn't involve major JVs.

    Now having said that, not all of my products have delivered such fast results, perhaps because I wasn't exactly that driven but I can see that you are.

    100 copies in 14 days is 100% doable and still reasonable enough to be challenging.

    I wish you all the Best.

    Believing in you,
    Maddi Murtaza
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  • Profile picture of the author Fun to Write
    Sounds like you're off to a great start. Keep us updated on your progress.

    Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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      Offer a pre launch discount if people leave their name and email. This way you are growing a list of interested people who will benefit from your offer. make it a good discount though. Once you have started capturing your list, it becomes easier in the future to sell without cost.
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    Don't forget to log and record everything you're doing right now, so in a few months you can turn it into a second product; "How I made XXX in less than 14 days".. or whatever
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      Anything is possible as long as you believe it is. Just get to work and don't give up.

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      Originally Posted by Mick Meaney View Post

      Don't forget to log and record everything you're doing right now, so in a few months you can turn it into a second product; "How I made XXX in less than 14 days".. or whatever
      I believe that's the plan. But it will be a WSO in 14 days, selling 100+ in one day.
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    Try it to find it out. Good luck!
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      Yes, it's possible. Find JV partners and make them an offer they can't refuse. Custom landing page, private discount for their list, etc.

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    good luck.

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      I'd say it's "possible" for anybody, provided they bring the right work ethic and mindset to the table.

      If you have a little technical skill and writing ability, I'd say it's a breeze.

      I think if this were set as a challenge for me, and I couldn't use a list, and didn't want to cold sell JV partners, my plan would be:

      - Set up an autoresponder, to use as a simple weekly or monthly membership site provider (ETA: probably limited-term. 1 year or something, so I don't get bogged down writing updated material forever.)
      - Write "week one" of the content, and maybe a little 5-10 page report to sweeten the offer
      - Write a short sales letter page, offering it for $7 a month or whatever (price possibly to go up as I take time to improve both the product and the promotion, down the line)
      - Write up a few press releases, and distribute them all over the place
      - Spend the rest of my time forum marketing
      - Get to work on "week two" material

      Of course, you need to be able to write your way out of a wet paper sack for this methodology to work for you. And it wouldn't hurt to have a little copywriting and PR experience behind you.
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    Sure you can, Try to find some good affiliates that helps you do that and also having a very good list is another good way to do that.

    No affiliate links in sig files

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  • Profile picture of the author dordor
    Wow, thank you guys for all the support.

    After I wrote the post yesterday I had some thoughts if it is really possible, but you inspired me! I'm so happy that I shared it with you cause now I feel obligated to report back and complete the challenge. Thank you!

    Here is what I did today:
    - Edited the sales letter and recorded a 3 minute video.
    I have found that video sales letters are very powerful because people can hear your voice.
    It does require more effort to do produce but it's worth it.
    I usually hater hearing myself but I actually enjoyed recording it today.

    - Decided I should add bonuses. Spent another hour brainstorming and decided on three gifts that I can giveaway to add more value to the product.
    One of the bonus items is a sequence of emails that will be sent once a month. I hope this will help me to establish a warm relationship with my buyers, in order to sell more products in the future.

    - Finished the design of the landing page and all other technical stuff. I use e-junkie to deliver my info products.

    - Regarding marketing & JV: I plan to offer it as a wso at first and get some testimonials. After a few days I will raise the price and start promoting the product's site on other forums. I'm also going to buy some ads on popular forums and maybe some reviews on relevant blogs (depends on the budget), not so sure about the last idea.

    I'm going to send a teaser to my list tomorrow but I don't expect much cause I hardly email my list and it's not that big anyway.

    I will start looking for JVs once I launch the product.

    BTW I haven't mentioned what's the product about, I think I can share it already: it's my top 5 link building strategies. I don't want to say more cause I don't think this is the right place.

    If you have any last minute advice, I would love to hear it!
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