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Hi Guys and Ladies,

I know how to post on Twitter and how to follow someone. The question is, "how do I increase the number of followers?"

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    I honestly haven't had much luck with Twitter. I tried the whole follow them first to get them to follow you but that didn't work out too well. I would love to see how others do it because I'm honestly stumped.
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    This is the question that everyone is asking right now. For starters - if you want to gain followers legitimately, you need to have great content that people will retweet.

    Otherwise, just become a celebrity and you will have followers in no time.
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    Provide positive feedback to others whom you are following, and you might get noticed by others who follow them. The circle is never ending.

    Place your twitter link on your websites to attract followers that visit your site on a regular basis.

    Don't do anything automated if that's what you had in mind. That will just get you in trouble.
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      Originally Posted by leclaims View Post

      Provide positive feedback to others whom you are following, and you might get noticed by others who follow them. The circle is never ending.
      This reigns true for most of the blogospher and twittersphere: if you can provide good, usable content, people will come.
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        There are a couple of key ingredients to consider:

        For one, the basic principle is to follow first those you would like to follow you. This is like introducing yourself. It invites others to have a look at what you are offering and, if it seems to be of interest to them, they will follow you back.

        The exception to this would be most celebrities. Few of those will follow back. They don't need to.

        Also it's important to focus your messages so that they will attract others who see value in them. If your content covers a range of unrelated topics, you'll get a strange mixture of followers and it will be harder to promote to them unless you have huge numbers.

        Keep promotions to a minimum. No more than 10% of your messages. Even better is to aim at getting followers to join your email list, where you can promote more actively.

        Avoid using software to attract followers. This tends to provide a scattered, poorly targeted mix of followers, except for other marketers and automated software; neither will be interested in your messages.

        Software sellers will sing loudly the usefulness of their product but the 'quality' of follower is nowhere near as good as with manual selection.

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    This one is legitimate: Get 1000 twitter followers without even following 1000 people | BlogKori Read and let me know what you think.
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    Regularly update your own Twitter account and retweet other's tweets. Follow more users and stay on the loop. Join conversations that interests you.
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    I find twitter (like a lot of social media) to not be a great ROI... That said, I believe the best way to get followers is to find the gurus in your niche, see who is following them - then watch and find out which of those people are involved in real conversations - not just bots autoposting... Then you can reply to their conversations and also, follow them - they will likely follow you back.
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    The number means nothing. It's like saying "How do I get 1,000 people in my store". Well, one of my businesses sells baby products. Would just getting 1,000 people in my store do me any good? Maybe. I'd probably generate some business but not nearly the amount of business I would generate if I got 100 pregnant couples in my store.

    Quality over quantity always works when talking about lead generation and prospecting whether it's online or offline.
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    Tweet Useful and valuable information then you automatically followed by others. there is no secret in this.
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    Most people on Twitter are either celebrities or are promoting themselves or some product. So although I do wellness stuff, I also have B2B material for the twitter-crowd. I find that direct messaging other marketers works better in getting a more targeted response to your offer. Keep in mind they shop and spend too. It 's manual work but an hour each day is worth it. Or you can manually follow and direct message those that are not selling anything and point them to various offers. Yes, Twitter is the borough of bots but behind them are people that want information and tangible goods also.

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    From my experience , people who you start to follow will start to follow you also.

    Another way is that people on twitter are looking for someone giving information or talking about what they want to know about so they search for that. so putting your keywords on your tweets you will get relevant followers.

    Keep following people and if they dont follow back quit, and then try other others.

    No affiliate links in sig files

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      Strangely, although I have a very targeted list of followers, most of them would not have been easily found using keywords. Yes, there are some keywords that are common to the niche but my selections were based mainly on the nature of the message they posted most recently (as well as recency of post) and I would not have known keywords for a large percentage of them.

      With a well-targeted list, viral marketing can be used to advantage. For instance, having established goodwill with the readers, I provided a good quality, free download PDF as a Christmas gift. This contained a link to an opt-in form on my website.

      Within 24 hrs, hundreds of copies had been downloaded and people started sharing copies. I have fewer than 10,000 followers at present. I will also continue making the gift available to followers in the leadup to Christmas.

      I used an article which had already been written for a more detailed book on the subject. For the gift, I spent a day adding lots of beautiful graphics to the article and also mentioned that the fuller, more detailed work was also available (link provided).

      I made the free ebook attractive enough and appealing enough that readers would be happy to share it with their friends. The more copies in circulation, the better.

      Once the gift had been prepared and uploaded to my website, promotion on Twitter required little more than the press of a button.

      Over Christmas, I'll probably do a video version and promote that in the New Year. After all, the bulk of the work has already been done.

      There are many occasions throughout the year when something similar is possible, For instance, Valentine's Day and Easter.

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    Quality of followers over quantity.....be real, be interesting and engage with people who would be interested in what you are selling. You cannot be lazy on Twitter, a bit of effort and its a goldmine

    Seasoned Sales Professional since 1999 sharing my knowledge online. Check out my phone closers cheat sheet.

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    I've built a following of around 15,000 with little or no automation using these 2 simple steps:

    1 - Offer valuable tweets. Keep the pitch tweets to a minimum. People are attracted to someone who offers value are are repelled by someone who never tweets anything but pitches. Make sure most of your tweets are value-packed.

    2 - Engage, engage and engage some more. Retweet others stuff, chat, say Thank You to EVERY person who RTs your stuff. People follow people and ignore profiles.

    The question to ask yourself is do you want responsive followers or big numbers? Numbers won't buy your product but a follower who you've influenced might.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    One of the basic ways in getting more followers is to follow more people. You may find yourself followed by other people within the same network and interests. Make sure to tweet with sensible and intelligently-humorous posts.

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