Which one is better ? Blogger or Wordpress ?

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Hi everyone,

I want to start blogging for marketing purpose and right now i want to do it free.I don't have any prior experience of Blogging. Can anyone please tell me which one will be better , Wordpress or Blogger ?

Need your honest opinions in this regard.

Best wishes to all,
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    Originally Posted by ems82 View Post

    Hi everyone,

    I want to start blogging for marketing purpose and right now i want to do it free.I don't have any prior experience of Blogging. Can anyone please tell me which one will be better , Wordpress or Blogger ?

    Need your honest opinions in this regard.

    Best wishes to all,
    Wordpress wins, there is no comparing when it comes to these 2, the amount of widgets/plugins one can use with WP is just amazing.

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    I love the way Wordpress is so supported by the masses. All those free themes, free plugins. It's brilliant. I don't think Blogger has half the support/advice and freebies that Wordpress does.

    I have a rule in life: don't go for the technically most brilliant, go for the one most people have.

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    WP- hands down, but blogger still allows commercial ads I believe. Here is a decision point. WP.com (external hosted- i.e. free) will spank you if you use the blog for any "commercial" purposes. I unwittingly added some banner ads to my WP.com blog and they pulled down my blog.

    I wrote to them to ask what happened, they explained policy, it's for pure blogging, etc and if I wanted to do commercial advertising I'd have to get my own hosted blog (i.e. download template from WP.org and host on your own server- GoDaddy, 1&1, Hostgater, etc).

    They put my blog back up, I realized my ignorance, and promised to just use as a "pre-launch" blog to create content, test widgets, layout, get comfortable w/ blog etc.

    So, my thoughts are- use Blogger since I think you can still advertise. I actually used Blogger a while back to strip down and create a free landing page to test some Clickbank products. and set up a WP.com blog for free and play around w/ it.

    When you are ready, put up your own hosted blog so you can really get a presence, monetize it (if that's your goal) and start building list, brand yourself, build cred in a niche, etc.

    Make sense ??

    fyi- after exhaustive research (my IT partner has a top secret clearance working on govt contract to NSA, so he knows what to ask/look for) and looking at every option for hosting plans, databases, security (someone tried to hack our virtual server a month ago) ability to host multiple domains, email accts, cust support, etc we decided on GoDaddy for hosting.

    This could surely be debated as all have some flaws, but that was our choice. I think my hosting acct is $7.99/month or something like that.

    You can get WP template for free (many to choose from). I chose to work w/ Ben Cope (WPDreamTheme) and paid $77 for a theme by choice. There are great themes and the only problem will be which one to choose.

    I chose balance of SEO, banner buttons, content layout, etc. Wanted balance of monetization and good content so I"m not in my reader's face every second w/ my ads. But all my advertising is for prod/svsc I personally use myself in each niche blog. I'm my own best testimonial.

    This was bit long winded and added a few related comments, but wanted to make sure you had enough info to make decision. Sometimes it's hard to decide when "you don't know what you don't know" as was the case when I first started on the blog path.

    Last resource (excellent I might add) BecomeABlogger.com Yaro Starak is client of Rich Schefren (as am I) and he built great video series, coaching, etc on blogging. He is friends w/ Darren Rouse (ProBlogger) and has excellent information based on personal experience combined w/ business building experience to help guide you.

    I was just listening to his Blog Profits Blueprint again last night while out for a run.

    hope this helps and pass on you any new bloggers. Hopefully it will cut some time off the learning curve.

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    Wordpress is definately better than blogger, but if you want to use it for marketing purposes then you will need to download the software from wordpress.org and pay for a domain and hosting.

    Just to echo what is mentioned above, if you set up a free account on Wordpress.com then they will not allow any ad's.

    If you have absolutely no money for a domain then Blogger is the way to go. It is a good way to get your feet wet too.

    Just wanted to say nice post to todd too .

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    This questions seems to pop up every now and again and Wordpress is always the winner

    Just like Clare, I also recommend downloading the Wordpress version from WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform - it'll be a hosted site and you'll gain massive flexibility.

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    As you have already read WordPress wins due to the fact you can do so much more with it BUT the main reason is that Blogger can shut your blog down whenever it feels like it.

    That's the main reason to choose WP over blogger.
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    Some of my wordpress blogs just got hacked, but my next ones will be with wordpress. Although that time, I'll hire a webmaster...

    Winner: Wordpress!

    Former Body Guard, Now REAL Traffic & List Building Coach
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    Winson Yeung said: "...Definitively A++ recommended WSO"
    Kevin Riley said: "Franck, glad to see you bringing out MORE and MORE GREAT stuff"
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    wordpress hands down
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    Wordpress is the best of the best. So many useful plugins to help your blog. If you have your own hosting then go with wordpress. If you going to use free hosting then go with blogger as they support affiliate links. You can't even have any adsense ads on the free wordpress host.
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    Wordpress rocks. I love the program. The only problem that I see is that you want to use a blog for free. That means you are just stuck with Blogger. Wordpress is used for a domain that you own.

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    As WorldPress is the all time fav of mine and in doubt better than Blogger, either way you may have issues if you do not have a domain. Understanding everybody needs to start somewhere and funding may not always be available, try a third option where you can setup your site and Blog to your heart's content. At least this way you have no out of pocket expense. Then maybe when things are different you may move onto WorldPress. Which is in my opinion, the best!
    For a free site along with blog try this site at 110mb hosting. While you're going through the learning curve it will not cost you anything but time. When you're ready do an easy transfer to WP. Keep them both and use one for testing and the other for production. When you are ready for WP you need to have a clear plan set into place!
    Just a thought!
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    Both have good reputations, and I use both.
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    In my experience Wordpress is best in terms of traffic and rankings.
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    Get hosting that has cpanel and wordpress installs are too easy , there is so much that one can do with a wordpress blog, if you lack website design skills and want tons of free great looking themes then wordpress is for you.

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    Wordpess by a wide margin
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    If you're looking for a google-oriented solution, then go for blogger. Because, somehow, google gives more ranking and preference to blogger blogs.
    not to mention that wordpress scores really well if you're able to use pings, tags etc effectively

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    Wordpress without a doubt!!!
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    I use blogger because it seems easier to use but I'm new to internet marketing as well as blogging so it might just be my ignorance. I know that when i tried to use WP I didn't see any way to add banners or adds anywhere.
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