Do you give anything back at this time of year?

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Something I have done for many years, is to give a protion of my profits during December to a local charity (usually a homeless shelter) - It may not always be much, but it has a become a kind of tradition for me.

Does anyone else give back during the Christmas period and just how do you do it? A portion of your profits, a flat out amount or do you give your time and marketing expetise?

I'm interested to know and perhaps even encourage a few Warriors who normally would not, to give a little back during this festive season.
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    I always give something back, regardless of the time of year.

    People are not more needy at Christmas than they are in May or August.

    I give when I am moved to give, period.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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      We give back year round. Some programs include:

      - Hosting a weekly writing workshop at a local prison for adult males to help with their re-entry back into society (offering basic writing skills to advanced).

      - We help with some female freelance writers / outsource service providers from time to time who run into domestic issues and hence end up messing up their writing / business services in the process. (We try to help fulfill outstanding orders).

      - We contribute to all types of programs like Shoebox Christmas, Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts, NAACP to help all races, Christian ministries, etc., donating time, funds and items where we can like used computers, gifts, etc.

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      Originally Posted by tpw View Post

      I always give something back, regardless of the time of year.

      People are not more needy at Christmas than they are in May or August.

      I give when I am moved to give, period.
      Giving year round is great
      And hey, your post reminded me that I have been wanting to hook up with your services. Just sent you a PM!

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    i am a man of limited means, however every year i make a donation to the salvation army. i give them at least $500 cash and i go through my clothing and give them all the good clothing that doesn't fit, or i no longer wear. i donate the $500 to an addiction rehab center and the clothing to my local shelter. i do this because once upon a time 15 years ago i had nowhere to go and they gave me a roof over my head for a week, before i got into my own place. i am eternally greatful to them. i would suggest to all that you at least do this with your clothing, if you're not wearing it chances are there's someone in your size at the local shelter that can use some nice looking clothes.
    god bless
    matt jersan

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    I agree it is better to give something all the time, but lets face it, not everyone is in a position to do that, so for many just once a year takes sacrifices.

    @Dbarnum - Its great the way you give back to specific groups of people... makin a positive difference in people's lives..

    @Matt - $500 is a great amount to give.. and your story is great too as obviously you have come a long way...
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  • You are so right.

    I can not afford money right now, so I give my time helping with charities.
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    Do you want to have fun and make someone's day? Get 20 or so 5.00 bills and hop in your car and just hit the convenience stores and give one to the people behind the counters.

    It will make their day and surely will make yours as well.
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