Those of you who have partners. How did you find the right one?

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I'm yet another noob Rix or...Alex if you may.
Though I do possess some knowledge of SEO, I have not yet made any money online and In my opinion, that makes me a noob.
This might be a rather long read, and I apologize for that.Some of you might learn some things from this, even though, as I said, new to internet marketing.The most important concepts are highlighted.

Now, though I've been in this for only a couple of months, I already caught myself making some mistakes like for example, after spending some money on guru products that provided me with info I later found here, I couldn't stop dwelling on the regret, which lowered my focus a bit.

So in order to be successful at this, I decided to do the same things that made me successful in other areas, because, you see, before this, I used to make my money by teaching parapsychology(only had 2 clients) and seduction.
There's the myth of the lonely entrepreneur who did it all by himself, but everyone who made it big had help from a couple of people that helped compensate his weaknesses.
So... teaching seduction...

My first partner - How it started: I and a like-minded person, Mike, needed money, and he noticed I was having quite some "luck" with the ladies. He asked me how to impress a girl, my advice worked,so he then told me to help other guys do the same, for money and give him his share for supplying me with clients.
At first i wasn't ok with that because, being a parapsychologist made me more spiritual, and after all, what I was supposed to do could have easilly been called by some other name.
Also, from what I knew, some clients wanted you to go to clubs would them and teach and demonstrate there, something I couldn't do because #1. I was too nervous thinking some bad luck would send the most angry girl my way and embarrass me; #2.I didn't like club girls; #3. I had a girlfriend.

After first telling him the first reason, he made me realize that I shouldn't have that fear and that the thing I feared was only in my mind. Then, after telling him reasons #2 and #3 ,he understood and said that I do have the right to choose my own terms.
So we went on with our plans and made some money.

My second partner - How it got ruined:

I have quite a lot of Romanian friends in Canada. They're former colleagues who left, or former acquaintances who left after hearing how friendly the Canadians are.
So, after taking his language exam, Mike left, because he was sick of the economical place Romania is in right now.

That got me a bit sad, but I knew another guy who has been asking me to teach seduction for the people he finds and I said ok.

After some time, I noticed that he was making me do all the work, as his idea of bringing me clients was for him to tell me where to find them and me to contact them and convince them.

In fact, whenever we had a problem, the only help he'd provide would be a very general "Believe in yourself, then solve it!".

When I would complain about it to him, he'd say we have problems because instead of taking action and solving them I complained. When I took action, and still had problems, he'd say I didn't believe in it enough.

Then, he became greedy and started pushing me for more and more profits, so, eventually I stopped working with him, but that only made him give me a bad name to whoever he knows.

So, some partners can help, some can ruin you.

Now,after the boring story is over, how do you go about finding someone to work with?
By this I'm asking for places, what attitude do you project and how much time do you spend to learn what kind of person he/she is?

Thank you all for your help!
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    The easy way is to choose someone in your existing circle of family and friends. However, that is recipe for destroying the relationship. You are better off getting involved with entrepreneur organizations to find people outside your current circle. Then you need to find someone who compliments you. If you are an idea guy, then you need a finance person to compliment you.
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    Basically, my priority in choosing a partner is to find someone that will compliment my weakness. I have things I am good at and so finding someone that can do my weak areas is going to work fine.

    More than that, I think both of us have to bring the right mindset to the table. If I am hardworking, I will want the other person to be. If I am optimist, I will like the other person to be. Mindset of partners are very important.

    Another thing is seriously consider is communication. Once there is communication breakdown, problem begins to arise so I try to find people that we can talk about our business together more often. This is very important to me.

    I hope I made sense? If I may ask, how good are you with SEO? Really good? We can talk better.
    Oke Timothy
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    Honestly, there was a lot of trial and error. When I first started looking for partners I burnt through multiple a week. They just couldn't keep up with me, and weren't understanding of my circumstances (I have rapid cycle BiPolar). I'd almost given up trying to find partners completely - then I did something a bit radical and changed gears.

    I started selling methods.

    I don't mean like WSO style or anything like that, I mean I physically went 'I have an exact blueprint to make you money, this blueprint I could implement right now and make cash. I don't because of various reasons (might be too technical, ROI (time) was too low, etc etc)... but I will sell it to you for $xxx with a guaruntee that if it doesn't get you double your money back in your first 30 days (and you can show me you implemented it) I'll give you a 200% refund.

    And that's what I did. I had a few people interested in different methods of mine, and then some of those people turned around the day after purchasing and said they'd already made their money back.

    These people, I made my partners - because they showed that they could get stuff done.

    I've never looked back since.
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    I can see how having a partner can help you move forward faster.
    It even helps to have someone to talk shop with.
    Two pairs of eyes may be better if they can process the information similarly. It can be a long and hard process to find a good fit for a long term working relationship.
    Wish you luck!
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    Wow, it's so wonderful to come back from your parapsychology experiments and see some good advice waiting.

    @Viralso-CEO: Yes! only know I realized that I usually spend my time around idea guys, and being one myself, all we do is throw ideas at each other. Thank you!

    @:pacesetter007: Finding someone with the right mindset can be a challenge indeed.
    SEO? Hm, I think I'm average? As in, I know what the gurus teach and have added some twists of my own here and there, but am not a master, not even by far. We should still talk, see how we get along though.Is it ok to send you a mail with some contact details?

    @myob: Simple but true. Thinking back at how I met Mike, I just got out of the house one day and noticed a guy from the same group I was in had some things in common with me. Moral: Get out of the house!

    @Bane: What you did is seriously wicked and gutsy! Guess I need to work on that one.

    @pr5931: There's also the moral support a partner provides. Thank you and good luck to you too!

    Thank you guys! I guess that being a bit better at content and maybe product creation I should look for people to compensate the rest.
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