E-book or Guide on Membership Sites

by Nikki
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Hi Warriors,

I have a new project that I am working on: I would like to set up a membership site delivering a comprehensive e-course on one of my websites.

What is the best and up-to-date e-book or guide on how to set up and run a membership site.

I am looking for a guide that will teach me everything I'll need to know, from the software I need, how to set the site up, how to run it, how to promote the e-course memebership, how to get many members to sign up, etc, the works.

For those Warriors who are experts or knowledgeable on Membership sites, I'll greatly appreciate any suggestions, resources and tips you may offer.

I am a complete novice on membership sites - so I will appreciate all the help and suggestions.

Please post here or PM me.

Thanks so much!

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