- CD/DVD cover graphics templates - where to find? -

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Hi All,

I'm looking for simple customizable CD and DVD templates, for example like sen here: http://pics2.spoonfeeder.com/AieFTPF...5XGZFWL636.jpg

Does anyone know where I could find ones?

I found a web-based service at eCover Go - Online eCover and Graphic Generator and they offer similar thing and I can create cases like http://www.ecover-go.com/thumbnails/...ape-open-6.jpg and http://www.ecover-go.com/thumbnails/...shape-open.jpg , but it's paid service.

I wanted to find a free one to give to my customers as the basic option for inclusion in the auction listings.

Thanks a lot, fellow warriors, in advance, I hope some of you may know!


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