Why would an affiliate use E-Junkie?

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I'm curious -- if anyone does use e-junkie as as an affiliate promoting products through E-Junkie, and why?

Apparently, they are just a shopping cart system & don't handle any payments, so that would mean that:

a) As an affiliate, you would need to (potentially) chase down vendors to pay you
b) As an affiliate, you may or may not get paid the 'correct' amount (not really anything to prevent vendors from fudging numbers, etc).

And as a vendor:

a) You have a lot of extra overhead processing affiliate payments (if you actually do pay them)
b) Extra paperwork (i.e., if you are in the US, over $600 requires special forms for payment),
etc, etc.

So, I'm curious -- given all the other available options out there (literally 20-30 other solutions I think off of the top of my head), why would someone go through e-junkie? (Either as an affiliate OR a vendor?)

Is there something I am missing/something that they don't offer that the other services offer?
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    It's very easy to set up, and they don't take a cut of sales.

    There isn't ANY extra ovehead if you are already using eJunkie to host your products. You simply create your program and get a link for affiliates to sign up. Then you get a PayPal Mass Pay file, which means you can pay ALL of your affiliates in a few minutes.

    The extra paperwork thing doesn't really fly either, as that $600 limit would apply to ANY company you had. However, I don't think eJunkie gives out the 1099-MISC anyway as they are a payment processor, and affiliate processor. Again, if you pay any U.S. based affiliate more than $600, you have to generate the form for them - whether or not it's through eJunkie.

    I guess you have to trust the seller to make payments in a timely fashion, but so far I haven't had any problems. For the record, I have affiliates through eJunkie, and I have sold as an affiliate through eJunkie.

    All the best,

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    I think, for as fas as I know that you can put in a complaint with ejunkie if your vendor doesn't pay you, not sure, haven't had it happen yet.

    What I do know is that, everytime someone buys through your affiliate link you get a message from this with the amount you earned, and you can see your affiliate earnings in your account, per vendor. So, it's easy to check to see if you got the correct amount.

    Now you asked why someone would use ejunkie, as vendor, well, I use it because I found it easy to use and cheap (I pay $10/month for 20 different products). As an affiliate, well, at the moment, I only promote products from people I trust through it (mostly because I'm not really into affiliate marketing at the moment), so I know who's butt to kick when I don't get paid

    Taking it one day at a time!
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    It's an inexpensive solution for vendors. Just a flat monthly fee to deliver your products and nothing additional to run the aff. program. That's the lure from that side of the table. But you do bring up good points about the affiliate perspective.

    And no, E-Junkie is not just a "shopping cart." It's a product delivery system that can be integrated with things that are not traditionally associated with shopping carts, like Aweber integration that's very easy to set up. I use it all the time, even though I also use RAP. RAP's a mother to set up and the templates they provide are pretty lame. With e-junkie, I can get up and running in about 5 minutes, literally.

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    E-junkie has a section on how to integrate with Aweber. You can add subscribers to your list whenever someone buys from you through an e-junkie link. It's not difficult to set up. The e-junkie site walks you through it. I include a note on the download page for my customers that e-junkie sends them to after a purchase. The note tells them to expect the confirmation email from Aweber to join my list so they can get free updates and other offers from me. Nearly everyone confirms. It's a great way to build a buyer's list pretty much on autopilot.

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    Originally Posted by InternetSuccess001 View Post

    a) As an affiliate, you would need to (potentially) chase down vendors to pay you
    b) As an affiliate, you may or may not get paid the 'correct' amount (not really anything to prevent vendors from fudging numbers, etc).
    PayDotCom was the same way, only more expensive, and plenty of folks used that (with the same complaints). Don't know what the current incarnation looks like though. I haven't used PDC in years.

    Anyway, as an affiliate, it's a matter of trusting the vendor. I wouldn't promote just anybody's e-junkie product, but I don't automatically turn down JVs because they're on e-junkie either. This past week I generated over $9k in commissions on one promotion of an e-junkie product, and was promptly paid. But again, it was with a vendor I trusted.

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