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I'm finally building a list. I was thinking about creating several squeeze pages (offering different freebies) for the same list. Would it be wiser to have separate lists for each squeeze page?
I also want to create my own eBook (doesn't everybody!) but I want to create something unique and valuable. Is this really even possible in this day and age?
It seems like there is just a ton of stuff on every subject in the IM niche anyways.
Maybe just leave the IM niche for those with more expertise than me, and tackle another niche instead?
I hesitate to do this, cause I think it's pretty amateurish (and I saw a guy do this an get beat up pretty bad;o), but take a look at my first squeeze page (sorry not enough posts yet) and tell me what you think.
Thanks for any and all I am going to get better at this!! And I won't take your advice lightly!
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    1.- It's okay have a lot of squeeze pages for your list, gave you more chances of sucess.
    2.- Yes, It's possible, but thing about it... What value can offer to me your ebook? And then, write your ebook.
    3.- Make some videos, a put them in YouTube... Video Marketing is a good option for drive targeted traffic to your websites.
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