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    searchwarp and articlesnatch have always done well for me.

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    when i do article marketing, i focus on two sites that i handle manually: ezine articles and go articles. with go articles the approval is instant, and they are indexed well. can't say they are as powerful as ezine, but they do wonders over time.

    i also submit using article marketing robot and magic article submitter, two good pieces of software with the first being the most powerful. i create a finely spun article then set amr to submit 25-40 a day. i do sell mass submissions as some people want max exposure as well.
    hope that helps

    matt jersan

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    I always try to publish articles to Articlebase. Because they allow to link CPA offers. I prefer this one for newbies who seek to earn money from CPA as a free method.

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    Ezinearticles and Goarticles work well for me all the time. I have also had problems with Buzzle.

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    Ezinearticles and Articlebase have worked well for me.
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    Focus your energy on Ezinearticles and Articlebase. Achieve excellence in the two that will have the most impact.
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    Articlesnatch and articledashboard have approved every article I've written.

    As for as "working" though, keep this in mind. If an ezine publisher automatically approves all work it's not necessarily a good thing. We all make mistakes, and publishing posts that might have errors, etc results in substandard works and lower positioning in search engines.

    I still publish to amazines because I do get a higher number of views over there but know they carry a PR of 2 and allow 100 word articles. There's always a trade-off.

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    I only use Ezineartices for now and it has been working for me.
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    I always make sure my articles are at least 400 words and never get disapproved by any of them. However I have recently ditched Article Dashboard because they take weeks to approve articles these days.
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    Thanks for the thread - I have used Ezine but going to look into all the others suggested here
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    I thought Articlesbase is no-follow, so why do people use it then?
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    Ezinearticles has always been a winner for me. They have maximum traffic and I also like their interface.

    Articlebase is next and they provide ability to post affiliate links in the body itself. They also auto approve articles after you have 20 or so approved articles with them.

    Buzzle is also good but they need unique content and just 1 link in the post.
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    So far ezine article,article cube,article city,goarticles and article dash board has worked well for me for different purposes like driving traffic,backlink and getting affiliate sales.
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    Ezine definitely seems to be the most popular on these forums, that's a good enough vote of confidence for me.
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    Originally Posted by LifestyleTrans View Post

    I've been doing article marketing for the last 3 months now. I've been sticking with 10 of the main directories, however, a few of them haven't been working properly.
    Thank you for sharing this important information with us. I've bookmarked your post. I'm among other things a freelance writer. And I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't submitted any articles yet. This thread has motivated me to give this a try. Thanks again for taking the trouble to share your experiences with us here.
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