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I have to say thank you so much to all of you. I am new to IMing and I am not really good at all....

Read alot in here, but my last question was answered with a ton of good information.

In answer to it, I have new set up a new RSS feed on my blog through

As completely silly as it sounds, I had no idea how to make use of that. Someone though, was kind enough to mention that to me and I spent the better part of last night figuring out how it works, and then put it on my site.

LOL and I got my first subscriber today. It is such a silly thing, but yet a very cool feeling.

So thank you all that have pointed me in the right direction.

Because of that, I have realized that not only do I need traffic, but I need targeted traffic.

Once again, rewind a couple of months, and I wouldn't have even known what that was. I seriously thought that the whole goal was to get traffic and that was the bottom line.

But targeted traffic is soooooooooo much better. So I need to do more in depth keyword research, which I have already implemented, as well as pre-sell people before they even click on my links to Amazon.

I guess I am doing something horribly wrong because I have 400 clicks and not a single sale. I have a bunch of traffic I guess but it is not targeted.
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    Sounds like your making a great start by learning what needs to be done an implementing it. No better place than WF. Keep asking questions and best of luck growing your subscribers
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    Yeah...This is the ideal place if you want to get on with IM.I too have learnt many exciting tips which made my career to come to a profitable level.Thanks you WF and best of luck with your work Aduley!
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    Wishing you good luck as you learn more here at the forum. People here are always ready to help out with answers to your questions. Feel free to learn and read more threads on this forum about doing good keyword research. Good luck!

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    That's great man! i know the feeling, i barely made my first commission a few days ago and i started back in September of this year, if feels awesome, and a have to thank to the fellow warriors, i have learn a lot in this forum
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      You’re probably not doing anything “horribly wrong” – don’t think of it that way!
      Newbie mistakes are common, and you will learn to get targeted traffic.
      Just keep getting advice on your specific situation from Warriors, as it seems you’ve been doing, and you’ll get there!
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