HELP...I stupidly lost everything!

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Two years ago, I spent six weeks creating a multi-media info product cd (in a dvd case) with Kunaki and then sold out my entire run (yay!). Kunaki has since deleted my files and the master on my laptop was lost from a computer crash.

It had audio mp3s, videos, transcribed pdfs, and a quick start checklist in some kind of a shell with autorun. I painstakingly created the cover art, sell sheet, disk image and all.

Now everything is GONE...except for a copy that cannot be edited or modified. :-(

So I stayed up all night trying to "recreate the magic" for a series of new
disks that I need to bang out in a real hurry and realized...AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN that easily.

So my question is:

Instead of trying to re-create my multimedia "masterpiece" that needs updating anway, what is the fastest easiest cd or dvd info product to knock out, f you needed several titles quick?

Audiobooks (AAC) or mp3s?
PDF Ebooks?
Camtasia video tutorials?
CDs or DVDs?

Bundle an audiobook cd with a pdf disk? Etc.

Any special compiler software you would recommend?

(BTW, my audiences would appreciate all of the above modalities
but with the holidays and big Marketers Cruise coming up, I don't have the time to create them all right now)

HELP, I have hungry, starving crowds at live events dying to buy my stuff, and no physical products to sell them!


Captain Lou
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