Does Google look at the meta-keyword tag?

by Delta223 8 replies
I've read that on-page factors make up 10% of SEO value, but I've also read that the meta-keyword tag is not even considered by google anymore. Has anyone seen any boost from adding this specific tag (keywords) to a page?
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    It is true.
    Google disregards the meta keyword tag.

    However other SE's don't, so don't forget that!
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    I think they consider the meta tags just for the meta description for the SE. But it's not what it used to be like 5 years ago. They don't mean a lot anymore. I cant tell in % for sure but it's below 2-3% I think.

    Most important are backlinks and activity ~how many time your visitors spend on your sites, do they leave a comment or something, ext.~
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    No, Google does not use the meta description nor the meta keywords as part of their algorithm.

    The meta description does play a large role in the click through rate, which is weighted in the Google algorithm. You should create descriptions that are designed to wet the appetite and get the click through for each page.
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    I always put the keywords in there just in case, silly not to. I wouldn't put it past the sneaky so-and-so's at Google to still count them for something after convincing everyone that they are disregarded. But it won't be very much, it's just too open for manipulation.

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    Originally Posted by Delta223 View Post

    I've also read that the meta-keyword tag is not even considered by google anymore.
    The answer to this question is complicated.

    Google DOES read and process your meta tags, and they DO get checked when people make a search query.

    However, Google DOES NOT use anything the human reader cannot normally see at your site to determine your ranking.

    The human reader cannot normally see your meta tags.

    So while Google does read and index your meta tags, they don't affect your place in the SERPs.

    What your meta-keywords tag does is ask Google (and everyone else) to please determine your ranking for these keywords first.

    But Google is now much, much faster and better at identifying your keywords than you are.

    So they just ignore this request, because honouring it will take more time and effort than ignoring it... and the results will probably be worse, anyway.

    Other search engines may not be as fast and good as Google in this regard, so the meta-keywords tag actually helps them and makes their lives easier.

    Of course, most of these search engines are student CompSci projects or bluefarty keyword spying tools, so maybe you don't want to make their lives easier.
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    I think Google only consider meta title an mete description, mostly title since the SERP also fetch from the entire content.
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    Also, what is also important is that the keywords that are used are actually found within the 'body' tag.

    Whether Google uses or doesn't use meta tag info, other search engines do so I would suggest that they'd be added. Just make sure that those same keywords are found exactly within the content body text or image 'alt' tags.

    CAUTION: Avoid keyword stuffing.
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    Regardless, you should take care of them, anyway. I get traffic from Bing as well and supposedly they take meta tags into account. It's a simple thing to make sure they're filled out properly and relevantly from your website. Just make sure it's done and move on, no use spending too much time thinking about it.
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