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I got 10 PLR articles from Chris Moore and have been slowly adding them to my blog one at a time. I was thinking about how much time I was saving by using PLR articles, and I am saving time because it takes me a long time to write an article.

I know it would be better to use original articles on my blog, but this post is not about using PLR or original content, it's about the amount of time it takes working in Internet Marketing.

So many people are being fooled about how easy it is to make money on the Internet, so I thought I would share with you what I just finished doing and let you see just how much work is involved in doing just one simple thing.

You would think posting a PLR article on your blog would take only a few minutes and then you can start posting another one, but it doesn't work that way. First I had to find the article, this didn't take too long, but it wasn't in the first place I tried, so it took longer because I went to the wrong location.

I had to read the article to make sure there were no mistakes in the article, Chris did a good job of proof reading so I didn't find any mistakes. I checked the title with the google keyword tool to see how many searches there were for that phrase and there were no searches for that phrase so I had to come up with another title with some searches and then I had to go to google search to make sure the keyword I used in the title didn't have a whole lot of competition.

I posted the article to my blog, but I had to add a little extra content to let people know about the product I was selling and I had to get a short url so my affiliate link wouldn't show in the browser. I was able to save some time with this part, I just copied and pasted this information from one of my other blog post.

All that was left was to add the tags and category and I published the post. I then went to Stumble Upon and added my post with a review and I was finished with that post for now. Total time about 2 hours.

I didn't even write the article and it took me 2 hours, so the next time someone tells you how fast you can be making money on the Internet, don't be surprised if it takes a little longer than what they tell you.

Remember you can't just get 500 backlinks at one time or add 100 articles to your blog at one time, because you can get penalized by the search engines, so when they tell you how fast you can make money, think about how going fast could get you penalized and remember some of the small things you do take longer than you would expect them to.

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