Recommend an Affiliate Marketing Program?

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Hey All,

I'm about to do a serious push on my blog/opt-in list for a few different programs. Right now, I'm having trouble finding a quality "how to do affiliate marketing" program. Most talk about PPC or direct linking to a site.

Can anyone recommend a good program that talks about the following:

1) Sending traffic to an opt-in page
2) Using email marketing follow up with prospects
3) How to use free traffic to build a list.

This is how I've built my success with affiliate marketing, yet I can't seem to find a program that really does a decent job of discussing these principles.

Thanks in advance,

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    Isn't this the very basics of BUM marketing a few years back? It still works very well, and I think there are lots of resources right here in the forum. There are also quite a few in Clickbank.
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      Yeah, I was looking for a little bit more than Bum Marketing. Like real information about list building, and a pretty thorough overview of Affiliate Marketing.

      I do recommend BM as a good resource, but also want something that covers all the long-term strategies that make Affiliate Marketing a good business model.
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    One training course I have not seen is Ryan Deiss's enormous Ultimate List-Building System.

    There's also he touches on alternative avenues like Giveaways, Co-Registrationan and Pay_Per_Lead

    This guy has a "22 Unique Ways to Grow Your List WITHOUT Relying On the Search Engines!" (fairly common alternatives) in a short course:

    Those who end up making a living from their lists probably get their by investing in paid traffic, if your list has the potential return of $1 per name per month commonly estimated for lists, you can pay off the acquisition cost fairly quickly.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    Thanks! I'll definitely look into those.
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    Any other suggestions?
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