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I am using CSS for font size. I want to know whether html H1 or font tag will be better for google ranking than css? If yes then which one should I prefer?
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    Some question whether font size and style has significant effect on ranking. I hsve seen H1 and css used in the content of a trick, in which you use H1 (or H2 etc) tags for the ranking benefit, but set the font sizes for headers in your css file to make them smaller, so H1 may be used more liberally throughout a post.

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    You can use HTML tags anyway you like. But if your thinking of making your H1 tags the same size and color as your page fonts, using CSS, Google will consider that as a violation and punish you, eventually.

    It's the same way they will punish for using font position: -9999 for ranking purposes. If you're strictly using it for design purposes then that's normally ok. And yes Google does check CSS rules and how you're using certain ones that deal with page layout.
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    The font tag is deprecated. It's best not to use it at all. Heading tags carry more weight than using CSS to increase the font size.

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    From what I've read over the years, I concur that the H1 tag gets higher consideration and is preferred over the font tag. Just don't try to fool Google by changing its size using the style attribute.
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