Google analytics count going DOWN??!!

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How is it possible my google analytics count for my website is doing down? It's still being worked on and just a landing page right now for opt ins, but it was up over 1200 "visits", then it went down to like 900 something, now its at 850?? thats impossible. I can see maybe that it not change., but how does it go down?? its gotta be an error with the code or something right?

has this happened to you before???

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    If you're traffic is mostly organic, I'm guessing that a competitor started working on the same keywords. Where is your traffic coming from?
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    Sadly, Google Analytics, is not as accurate as you might want to see, I have noticed over the last three months that GA, is not picking up on my traffic, correctly, I can see my raw traffic, stats, using various bandwidth agents, and what I am being charged for (bandwidth) and what google Analytics, says, I have are two different things, I have come to the conclusion that GA, is simply just not accurate.

    For what ever reason, perhaps because it is not really paying off for google, since the service costs google money and it is not paying them back, at least I do not see where they are making money using GA,

    So in the long run it might be cool to have GA, but as far as accuracy, Hmmm, not so much.
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    that's what I am thinking, its not priority for Google or profitable so it is what it is and has lots of glitches. And I mean my OVERALL visits are going down, NOT daily visits, well those too, but what I mean is that with visitors each day the TOTAL to date should be going up, not down?? its impossible to go down, if you are at 10,000 total visitors on friday, then how on sunday can you be at 8,000 total visitors? thats what Im saying. I am getting ready to launch HDSS, I just got back the first draft of the full on sales site and the copy is done (thanks to a great WF member).

    So, I want to have an accurate tracker when we launch in jan. Is there any other credible, accurate programs that will do what GA does?
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    A good observation, and an interesting one, to be honest, I do not know of one that is free and accurate, I use the ones on my hosting account, and they are not always accurate either, it is a niche in the market, but it is a very specific niche,

    I too would be interested to hear about any other alternatives, because I have noticed that GA is just not accurate,
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    are you sure you're looking at an absolute total as opposed to a rolling, e.g. monthly, period?
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    Originally Posted by londonwarrior View Post

    I would have thought that Analytics is a major tool for Google and very profiable. How much would someone have to pay for the info that everyone is providing them for free? They know exactly what is going on with every website that has it installed. They know where the traffic comes form, where people go on sites, etc. This information is worth an absolute fortune.
    How much money do you pay for Google Analytics? Just curious?

    I don't think it matters too much how accurate the traffic is. For my websites, if it was 25% out I wouldn't really care. I won't to know that my traffic is growing and my profits increasing. If Google says 3,000 per month but it's really 3,300, it's neither here nor there. It must matter to some people but for the vast majority they just want a rough idea of how they are doing.
    Yes, but what if your internal traffic indicates 200 thousand hits, but GA says, 354 hits, now would that make you wonder?

    See, As far as I can tell I have never received a bill for GA, perhaps they will do that in 2011, I don't know what I do know is that for every web metric I can test it against, it is not accurate, it does not provide me with accurate results, Do I care as long as it is free, no but if there is value in the data it is not the data that we are given as a free user, perhaps the value is stacked in the favor of the house, knowing what trends are popular, and perhaps even tracking our own customers using their tracking code, who knows, what Google is doing,

    But what I am interested in is IF that data is valuable to GA, then I want to have an accurate influx of data, not a delayed, typically not accurate data, What I am saying here is that the value of tracking this data is not being transferred back to the user in this case the website client.
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    I think Google Analytics' "Total" visits actually means "Visits In the Last Month", but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    There's definitely some kind of time limit on it.
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    i used to log on each day and the toal would say "1200" total visits. now within the past 2 weeks or so, each time i log on it will say "1121", then the next day its 1003, then 996, then down to 850, then 730, now its in the 600's? how is that possible?? total visits are total visits, a running total, so how can it keep going down? doesn't really matter at this point as the site is not ready for launch yet, I still have to add the sales letter, but we are only getting a few visits per day at this point. but its just annoying that it keeps going down each day. thats not visitors per day, its the big total visits number you see when you logon to google analytics. maybe something wrong with the code, Ill reinstall it.
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    It's completely possible unless your daily average remains the same. The default date range is one month so if you log in on the 25th then the date range will be from the 25th of the previous month to the 24th of the current month. For example, if you get a surge of traffic today, let's say 500 visitors from Stumbleupon and your daily average is 20 visitors then for the next month you will see 500 plus 20 each day you log in. This will go on for the next 30 days and then suddenly drop when those 500 hits go out of range.

    You may very well have a problem going on somewhere but do at least make sure something is definitely wrong first. Have you extended the date range and checked that your traffic has not been declining? If your SERP position has dropped then the kind of result you are seeing is completely normal.
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    UPDATE! don't I feel like the jackass of the month, possibly the year. lol. I simply changed the view to "year" instead of "month" and I can see the full total of visits. geez, so simple and I should have known that. LOL. the point is now, I am awaiting final version of the sales page and then we fine tune it, then launch. then what??!! seo,articles,etc???? thats when the real work begins right?
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    Hello. I'm running my father in-law's water heater installation website.

    I had this page on there for about 3 months that was a simple form..allowing people to fill in the screen and send him an email - without actually going to an email program/outlook or something through the "contact us" link.

    Anyway - he finally told me he hated it - and he wanted to try and limit the contact to phone vs. making the email so easy. So - I removed the page in dreamweaver - and then published through FTP to my server. the very next day - my count dropped 26 visits.

    I suppose (assuming maybe someone removed a page from a site above) that it's logical to assume the count would drop from the page statistics, as the google "code" must live on all pages.

    Just a thought. I havent' done enough research to know for sure..but wanted to share.
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