Anyone have success with article directories besides EZINE?

by Kan
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5 days has past and my articles are still not reviewed. Any alternatives? Really looking for the 2nd hardest article directory. I liked goarticles, because they had no queue, it's instant. I don't know how good it is, because my articles haven't had 1 view yet.
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    Ezine can be slow. Especially in the beginning. After you've submittted more then a few, you'll find your articles live within 24 hours.

    As to others, yes, do a search on article directories and you'll find many that will post immediately.

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    Just had my first article by ezinearticles accepted. The said I'd attained expert author status, that it would appear on their high-traffic home page within 48 hours and that it had been sent to their exclusive EzineArticles RSS Feed and their proprietary EzineArticles Email Alert Members. Made me feel kinda special, but, shucks, aww I bet they say that to all their authors . Still,as long as it generates traffic, I'm happy
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    I believe Ezine is in another dimension when it comes to Traffic. I have nothing to back this up with, just my BS speculation.
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    Hi Kan,

    Yep, Ezine has really gone into "molasses in January" mode (Yes, that means really slow). It's not just you. My suggestion is to build a huge pipeline of articles, and they will eventually start flowing off the assembly line at about one a day. Ezine was pretty good this summer, and then in late August, it hit the skids. Maybe they are trying to push people into their paid membership plan.

    Other article directories with decent page rank you should try:
    Carolina Articles
    Search Warp

    to name a few. If you really want to add horsepower to your articles, try Article Submit Auto, which will submit your article to approx 30 directories at once, (including the above), each with a PR of 3 or more. It's not free at 27 per month, but it is the only auto-submitter that has worked consistently for me, and has good support when you need it (and you always need it). It also has a built in spinner so you can create multiple unique versions of the article, synopsis and headline if you so desire

    Good luck to you and have a great holiday season,

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      I haven't figured out where the thank you button is so I will just say thank you. Will look into that submitter. How long have you been using it?
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    • Profile picture of the author rb699
      I haven't figured out where the thank you button is so I will just say thank you. Will look into that submitter. How long have you been using it?
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    Personally, Buzzle is a favorite. You have to apply and it is human edited so things can be slow kind of like EZA, but the PR on my articles is better there than anywhere else I post.

    I can second ArticleBase, Go is another of the one's most people use (although indexing there isn't nearly as easy)

    Read our most recent articles on wine, this month it's that unappreciated region called Napa Valley.

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      EZA is running a marathon right now. They signed up a bunch of people to write a Hundred Articles in A Hundred Days. This ends on December 31st.

      They have had thousands of people sign up as new authors in the lst few months. I have had articles lately approved as soon as I submit them and some which take a day or so.

      if you are looking for additional article directories to submit to you could try
      articles-and-content dot com or promotemyarticles dot com. thos have worked out pretty well for me as far as getting my articles published.

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    Human directories are the best for SEO. That said, any directory is great if you actually spend a little time backlinking to your directories. This creates a stronger backlinking funnel back to your pages.

    Remember to add your link in the BODY of the article if the directory accepts it. This is also better for SEO than the resource box.

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    Thanks guys, but I'm not doing SEO. Just Articles > Salespage
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      Originally Posted by Kan View Post

      Thanks guys, but I'm not doing SEO. Just Articles > Salespage
      Either way, you should at least do a little SEO to your articles to gain the traffic through there?

      Even a few backlinks to an Ezine article does wonders because the majority of writers aren't doing this.

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    I'd be willing to bet those who truly rock it at article marketing are doing it without ezinearticles at all, these days...
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      Hello all,
      I've had a lot of luck with Articlesbase and also ideamarketers. EZA has always been good to me, but I've experienced slowness lately as well.
      Goarticles has always been a favorite as well, but the majority of my traffic comes from EZA.

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        Ezinearticles is definitely the leader when it comes to referring traffic, in my opinion, articlesbase seems to be quite effective as well. I have noticed a bit of a slow down in many of the different sites with regard to submission approvals. I'm guessing this is due to the high volume of submissions for the holidays.
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          There are actually a couple of things you can do that will rock your article marketing to higher levels.

          1. Put the original (by hand) on EZA. Then go over to fiverr and find gigs that will give you 10,000 or more real human views.
          This will put you in the most viewed category and you will have your article and it's link at the bottom of hundreds and sometimes many more pages of EZA. This is huge for your seo. If one link from EZA is good how about hundreds??????

          2. Take that same original and go buy a tool like AMR (article marketing Robot) (and no Vince is not my cousin, and no aff link here).
          Spin it out to 30%+ uniqueness and put it out to 1,100 or so directories. BUT NOT EZA AGAIN!!!

          You now have 1,100 links to your EZA article and are in the most viewed category. As much link juice as passes through will go to your EZA link and it will be a pretty powerful link and it will be not one but sometimes hundreds of powerful links.

          I only do this with key words with 1k+ exact match local searches so I know it will be worth it.

          What do you get?
          You get an EZA article ranking like crazy, your site if SEO'd right ranking well too, a bunch of juiced up EZA links and oh yeah - a pretty nice traffic flow.

          I hope that helps.
          Free eBook =>
          The Secret To Success In Any Business
          Yes, Any Business!
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    Ditto on articlebase. It seems to do quite well.

    Goarticles approves quickly but my articles get few views there.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    EZA has been considerably better for my business than every other article directory I've ever used all added together.

    Once you get to "Platinum" and submit regularly, they approve them much more quickly, and it's worth persisting.

    It's true they've been a bit slow over the holidays.

    I submit there every day and get nearly all of mine published within 24 hours.
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