Which is best? Clickbank or Click2Sell?

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There are now many alternatives for clickbank. But if we will choose between clickbank and click2sell only, what do you think is the best?
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    To say it just the way it is,I would both are okay.The only difference is Clickbank has
    been around for a while and people have come to develop more trust for it.Nothing more.

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    Clickbank. They are more widely known, have a larger number of affiliates and have an excellent reputation.

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      Originally Posted by techvic View Post

      Clickbank. They are more widely known, have a larger number of affiliates and have an excellent reputation.
      Agreed, the most important point being that they have way more affiliates and therefore your potential for attracting more good/super affiliates is increased.
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    CB have never missed a payment! And I recently went to their HQ - good people - go with them.
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    Ditto. Clickbank is the way to go. They're trusted, they always pay on time. If you're a vendor and you want affiliate traffic, you just can't beat Clickbank.

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        Originally Posted by almohsin View Post

        Your site needs some content dude
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      There isn't a "best" (or even a "better"), in abstract.

      It depends on the criteria by which you assess them, and their relative importance to you.

      For example, if being able to see the overall conversion-rate of the sales page is very much more important to you than everything else, then clearly Click2Sell will be better for you.

      Personally, as an affiliate, I strongly prefer Clickbank.
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    First off, it should be:

    Which is better? Clickbank or Click2Sell?

    Now I have a question for you. Are you talking from a vendor standpoint or an affiliate standpoint?

    For affiliate marketing, I prefer Clickbank.

    From a vendor's standpoint, I don't know. Still have to list my first product for sale on clickbank

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    Definitely Clickbank, though i wish they would increase the number of countries e.g Kenya where online business is catching on fast

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    I prefer Clickbank. The service is more easier in Clickbank than in Click2sell
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    I prefer click2sell simply because I can get paid through paypal. It take ages for a foreign currency check to arrive in my place and takes one month get clear.
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    Clickbank, because it is what I use and it is way more popular than click2sell right now. When internet marketing is concerned, clickbank is always mentioned.

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    I've used both aswell, but i tend to go back to clickbank more and less of click2sell

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  • This is really more of a personal choice if anything. Both are well established companies with extremely similar qualities. Give them both a try and see if one sticks out better than the other.
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    I prefer Clickbank because of the range of products to promote and the great commissions. They are both really good affiliate programs though, and there's no harm in signing up for both and trying them both out to see what works best for you.
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    I use both for some of my products. I like Click2Sell because they pay their affiliates via PayPal. Click2Sell has some really cool features and Vytis has really been improving the system.
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  • Thanks for your post I know a lot in clickbank but when it comes to click2sell I will try it as well to know which among them is the best for affiliates.
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