Clickbank Sales dropping down?

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In the current clickank week, that started last wednesday and ends today, i did not made a single sale.

Is this a christmas seasonal pattern, where people stop buying clickbank products?

Is someone else experiencing the same?
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    My sales are fine. Nothing weird about last week
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    Originally Posted by ruimartinho View Post

    Is someone else experiencing the same?
    My sales are down a bit, over the last couple of days. I think the same thing happened last year, but the week between Christmas and New Year was surprisingly good to me, so I'm not having a panic yet ...
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    My conversion rate has been the same all month. Holding product is in the relationship niche, though, so I think you would expect even MORE sales during the holidays for that.

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      Most of my sales come from the diet niche...

      That might be the reason.

      But i am still hoping to have an awesome january

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    Yeah my clickbank sales have been down the whole last month.

    But that's why you setup amazon sites right when christmas comes around

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    Don't worry it will be get normal soon. It is time for people to enjoy and dieting concerns might come to them only after they've eaten too much

    Whatever niche it is, there will be a time when your sales will be lowest even if the site is doing really well. Don't worry about it. It has always happened and will always happen.

    You should start seeing steady sales within a week at most.
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    IF you are in the diet niche expect a nice jump in sales after Christmas through the first few weeks of January. People start thinking of resolutions and trying to change things.

    I'm the ownder of where I do several big mega launches a year. I also moderate a mastermind group of financial stock trading/forex marketers and affiliate marketers who shares ideas and a launch calendar check it out:

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