Flooding the market with fakes

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I was reading an earlier post about digital piracy, and it got me thinking.

What if you continuously loaded fake versions of your products to the known bad-acting file-sharing sites?

So if a person did a search for your product, there would be about 95 fakes, and maybe 3 illegal copies of your product. You could even put posts like "Totally real, not a fake!" And then the open it and it's a fake LOL.

The idea is that you will wear the person out who is trying to steal your product. For a high-cost product, they might still keep trying. But for a low-cost product, they might start to do the math and figure out that besides being honest and lawful, it's in their own best interest of saving time to pay for the product and stop being such a cheat.

I could see fellow marketers collaborating with each other to send fakes of each others products from all different IP addresses, etc.

Just an idea.
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    It works if its like a real branded product. Most ebooks though, well, they are found mostly on forums. Can't really do that on there.
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    Your strategy is the same the the RIAA used to do back in the days of Napster and Kazaa. You would download a copy of a song that was the same length of the original but filled with static or annoying sounds.
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    I asked about this (and particularly the ethics around it) in the OT forum:

    I was focused specifically on software, rather than ebooks, as that was one of my ideas to protect some software a friend had created. I would say the general consensus is that it is unethical, there were issues also brought up that legitimate customers could be injured (still don't see that) etc.

    From a practical standpoint, it is easy to flood the pirate blogs and the fake download sites. There is rarely feedback on any of the posts. It is difficult to do with torrents and active forums, as people tend to report fakes. With torrents, you would have to keep creating new accounts (and IPs) and continuously re-seeding. With the forums, people would eventually catch on and nuke every attempt you made to post, regardless of continuously creating new identities. You might also trigger the community to specifically target your product since you continually annoyed them.

    Regards, Georgetta
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    Interesting, I have a product that aims to curbe digital piracy.

    Back in the day when I was young downloading mp3s, I never thought much of it. But once I started creating products and giving people something of value, I realised how wrong it is to "pirate".

    I think creating fake digital products to curb piracy can hurt the brand if it was a non music product. Those "fake" napster mp3's always made me go purchase the real thing due to frustration of not being able to find it online.
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