Digital goods on Ebay?

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I have music (mp3-files) that I'll try to sell. I was thinking of selling it on ebay, but I understand that they don't alllow downloadable stuff any more.
I'd like to hear if there are other places to sell digital goods (for downloading), or if there is a way to do it on Ebay after all?
Thank you.
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    You could always mail out a cd. Just add shipping costs to your auctions.
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          Hey Kanute,

          One of the methods I've tested and had some decent results with was to offer something like a 'ticket' or 'invitation' or even a 'membership card' that would be 'mailed' to the buyer.

          It's small enough for a regular .42 postage stamp and I offered free shipping.

          Then I included a letter thanking them for their purchase with a link to download some free stuff from my site.

          Hope that gives you a creative idea to build on.

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            I sell quite a few mp3 cds on eBay. I've been selling that way for years.

            I package them nice - in a DVD sized cased with a nice cover graphic and label on the CD.

            My price for a single CD product on eBay is $9.97 plus $4 S&H.

            I sell a good number of them every month.
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