Five Year Anniversary Gift

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Five years ago I was two months removed from a meeting with my attorney. I had left my Fortune 100 job to go for my dream but ended up going bankrupt.

I joined the WF to find out how to build an Internet presence and learn from the best of the best. I was just thinking last night how that was 5 yrs ago but it feels like yesterday.

I soaked up all of the awesome information contained in the threads like a sponge and began learning how to market online.

Did I become an expert? Heck no, far from it. Many of you guys and gals could run circles around me with your IM knowledge.
But I learned enough to bounce back from a bankruptcy and begin creating momentum.

Long story short, after realizing it has been five years since I found the WF, I wanted to give back. It's not a new Mercedes (but the information may help you acquire one

It's a series of interviews (7) I conducted a while back with some pretty cool thought leaders in the IM & personal development industry.
Each interview has a corresponding transcript you can download as well.

No optin.
No order page.
Just go to the page and download away
Six Days To Saturday

There's over seven hours of audio and 200+ pages of transcripts.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped myself and others inside the WF. You may not even realize how insightful your threads have been but I promise you that people such as myself owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

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    Greetings Sam,

    Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary and success in this business.

    Thank you for your most generous gift to us.

    There is a wealth of Internet Marketing information within your website … well done.

    Well worth the time for anyone to absorb, that is seeking knowledge on starting ... or increasing their IM income.

    All the Best ... Ron
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    Thanks for the offer Sam...

    And most importantly, congrats on being able to turn things around and to survive 5 years on your own.

    To your amazing success in the future!


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    Congratulations Sam! And thank you for the downloads.

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year
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