Do you need it? how much?

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Hi, I was just wondering, do many people tend to use flash on their websites? I am still not too sure if google and other search engines are able to index flash components well.

I made this for a Uni. project and I was thinking, If there is a need I could make some for the warriors for a price which I have yet to decide upon.

At the moment It would take me about 3-4 days (could be sooner) to provide the final result as the programs I need are at my work place.

Greek Mythology

Could you please take a look? Of course this was done about 1 year ago, and it was kind of rushed so It doesn't look very professional.

I would like to get your comments on this and see if many people would be interested and what kind of price you would be willing pay should you require such a service.

Your feedback is much appreciated.
Thank you
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