Has anyone seen Marlon Sanders Mouse Email?

by Big Al
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Has anyone on Marlon's list written by the mouse who's jumped on his keyboard?

I think it's the funniest, most memorable email I've ever got and would love to see more of them in the future.

What did you think?
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    Yep. The Professor is one of the cleverest people in the business. And s.mouse is pretty cool, too.

    I'm half tempted to have my cat do the next issue of my newsletter as a response, but he couldn't sign his name. It'd never make it past the spam filters.

    He's something of a pain. Literally.

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    I have a cat that looks similar with the coloring. There is another cat
    who loves to lay down in front of the monitor. Then she conveniently
    lets her tail rest right in the middle of the keyboard. I move her tail
    away, and about 30 seconds later she puts it back.

    How I amuse myself when I'm writing.

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