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I wrote a few articles and put them on 5 different directories. The articles are not only appearing on the front page of Google and Yahoo but one article has the #1 & #2 position on Yahoo.
I also put a promo in the resource box.
My problem is that I have not sold anything!
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    Maybe your article isn't compelling enough or even getting enough searches, or it may be that your articles are not targeting buying keywords.

    e.g. someone looking for tips on something would be more likely looking for free information.

    Without knowing what your articles are about it is hard to tell what you are doing wrong, please provide more information.

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    a "few" articles isn't going to get you enough traffic to sell anything...usually. Not to mention it depends on how long those articles have been up on the net. If you are going to try to sell through article marketing, then you need to write a few hundred articles. It takes time with article marketing.

    The other thing you might want to look at is your resource box. Depending on how you wrote the promo depends on how many people will actually click through to your offer.
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    How many clicks have you gotten to your offer?

    Like scrofford said "a few" articles usually does not generate enough traffic to get sales consistently but not knowing more about your articles, keywords and offer it is hard to say what you did wrong.

    Gone Fishing
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    Originally Posted by Ibklutzy View Post

    What Did I Do Wrong?
    Nobody can answer this without seeing the articles and the site to which they link, and understanding a little about the niche and keywords involved.

    The possibilities include:-

    (i) It's not a buying niche

    (ii) They're not buying keywords

    (iii) They're keywords hardly anyone searches for

    (iv) The articles are badly written

    (v) The links aren't working

    (vi) The resource-box is badly written/the click-through rate is too low

    (vii) There's a mismatch between the intentions of people clicking through and what the landing page offers them (this is much more common than many people realise, especially if they're "writing for clicks")

    (viii) There's a problem with the sales process itself and you're not getting commissions you're entitled to

    (ix) It's a bad sales page that doesn't convert your traffic

    (x) It's a really bad sales page that hardly converts anyone's traffic

    (xi) The numbers from which you're measuring are too small to be statistically significant (likely, here)

    Those are just off the top of my head: there are other possibilities, too!

    Or it can be a combination of some/several of those (very common).

    But without knowing something about and assessing each of those possibilities, nobody can realistically tell what your problem is, or advise you on how to fix it; sorry.
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    Congrats on the page one position.

    However, that doesn't mean anything.

    1) The article needs to educate the reader
    2) The article needs to provide value
    3) The bio box needs a call to action
    4) The bio box needs to tease the reader into learning what you have to offer on the website
    5) The website that they land on needs to be relevant to the content they've just read
    6) Is the offer relevant?

    I could go on...

    My point is that once you have the reader on the page you need the right elements to make that reader carry on to the next phase.

    I hope I'm making sense.


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      Maybe the problem is not having a call-to-action tone in your article or the resource box promo that would encourage readers to dig deeper and buy from you.

      However, the exact reason is difficult to assess unless I see the article myself.

      Would you mind sharing the url here?
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    Although Alexa pretty much has everything covered in terms of why you articles might not be driving sales. Here are my thoughts:

    1 - Not enough articles working on your behalf (5 is not enough)

    2 - if they are ranking on the first page then there is a possiblity the keyword phrases are not targeted or valuable. What I mean by that is there are countless keyword phrases that we can all get ranked for in the number 1 position but unless other people search for those phrases they are essentally dead money.

    3 - There is no defined call to action in your resource box. I've seen hundreds of high quality articles completely go to waste at the last second due to their resource box being complete garbage.

    If you keep the reader all the way to the end of your article then there is a good opportunity they will click on the link in your resource box provided it is constructed correctly.

    4 - We don't know how much traffic your articles are generating but if it is a significant amount then conversions is your problem which could mean the product you are promoting is a poor choice or bad fit for your target audience.

    There are many other possibilities but without knowing more details relating to the articles you submitted it is difficult to ascertain what the true problem might be.

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    What were the keywords and article link? Once we get a visual on what's going on we can provide a better solution.

    Perhaps you need to just give it time. With a 1% conversion rate you have to wait for approximately 100 visitors.
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