300 article directories to submit to- to spin or not to spin?

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I got a list of 300 article submission sites.

I'm about to go on a tear writing articles.

Is there any disadvantages to doing spun articles for some to take a bit of a bite out of the 300 and save myself some writing/time?

I could faesibly write 300 prob in a week or two but if there are no real downsides to doing spun articles then that would be wasting time and time is money right?

So if it's advatageous to do pure new content then I will but if it's just the same subitting spun then I won't.

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    I would personally spin them it's a great way to get a lot of articles out there very quick, not to mention the time it will save you having to write 300 individual articles.

    If you are worried about the quality would deteriorate after spinning a single article 300 times, why not write a few different articles and then spin them, e.g if your articles are about the golf swing you could have:

    How To Improve Your Golf Swing
    5 Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing
    Avoiding These Common Mistakes Will Improve Your Golf Swing

    Dooing it this way you could then atleast have some variaty and you could divide the number of spun articles between each title. E.g instead of spinning just one 300 times, you could spin three 100 times each!

    Just be sure to read and correct each spun article as sometimes they come out a little strange.

    Hope this helps,
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    Stop wasting your time submitting to hundreds of directories or spinning articles. Write good **** and post it in 2-3 top directories every day.
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    Read this thread before taking advice from a skewed point of view.

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    I'm thinking spinning is a way to multiply one's exposure either way.

    I mean even if I write 300 uniques that means I could STILL spin those 300 who knows how many times and submit them under diff pen names right?

    I'm seeing whichever way you slice it writing content is going to be the backbone of this internet marketing thing if my assumptions are correct .

    This gives me a better idea of my goals. Now I can make it a task to spend most of my free time just ripping out articles to post at my discretion.
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