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Hello fellow warriors!

Can somebody please tell me what kind of programs for audio editing would you use if Camtasia doesn't do the job? I have a few videos and they have an awful background noise. Camtasia can remove some of it, but not all and it also leaves some scratching and blipping and stuff I don't know where does it get

I know, I know... I already bought new microphone but I really don't want to make my videos again.

So basically auto-noise removal doesn't do so well. Any alternatives?

Thanks for answering me on Christmas! Yeah well, no vacation for me.
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    I'm using coolEdit for audio and video editing. I highly recommend this one! =)
    And you can find this online for free! Goodluck!

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      Try This.. Choose the free versions. =)

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    there are some good noise plug-ins out there but you need an audio software that can us vst plug-ins. You could always try to EQ it out a little or use a noise gate, but a gate on a video could be weird if not done properly.

    My audio rig is down right now if not you could send me over the audio and i could try and clean it up for you.....thats what i went to school for.

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    Thats weard, I've been using Camtasia for awhile and never had a problem. But I use a headset with a built in mic so that might be the difference.

    Are you using the latest version?
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      I use Adobe Audition and it does a really great job.
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    it depends on the nature of the noise.

    If it's random scratching, clicks, pops, and static from a loose wire or something, there's not a lot you can do about it except manually attenuate individual transients.

    If it's a steady kind of background hum, hiss, or other regular pattern, then the "Noise Removal" tool in Cool Edit / Cool Edit Pro / Adobe Audition / Adobe Soundbooth (the same lineage) will do wonders.

    If it's a constant noise like a background hum, hiss, etc., and it never exceeds some noise floor, like -50dB or so, you can use a custom compressor to gate out sounds below that. It'll help during quiet passages, but when someone is talking, you'll still notice it, but not as much.

    Personally, I'd try to fix whatever problem is creating the noise in the first place. It's certainly not the fault of your recording software (Camtasia, in this case).

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