What software do you use to manage your promotion efforts?

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Hi all,

As I'm moving from development to full time promotion of my website, I'm starting to need a tool to track my promotion efforts:

1) Which websites have I already used
2) Which journalists/bloggers I contacted
3) What is the status of action (do I need to follow up?)
4) Planning all the promotion efforts
5) Possibly timing all that stuff

Currently I just use a simple spreadsheet, but it's getting messy.

I did a small research, but didn't find any proper software.

I was wondering what software do you guys use to manage your marketing activities (so that you don't contact the same websites/people two times, and mark their status, etc.).

Any suggestions or ideas are highly welcome.
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    Yeah, I love mind maps too. Even use them on my android phone (thinking space). But they're good to organize maybe a couple of hundred items.

    I use them during brainstorming, planning, etc. but I can't see how to benefit from them for tracking promotion efforts.

    I need more of a CRM thing. Something that I can put a plan in and then execute and track status. I want to list sites I have a relationship with (sites I submitted to), bloggers I wrote to, other promotional techniques, etc.

    I thought experienced marketers might have some tools/approaches that they use for tracking massive amounts of promotion jobs. Anything other than excel
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  • Although it of course won't help you much -- I used custom software to meet my needs.

    You can do the same though -- hire someone to create a solution for you.

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    I just use good old Excel for this kind of stuff.
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      SAP manages to control and the visibility of the entire trade promotion process. Safe thing is it has "Close the loop" on funding and settlement processes by integrating trade funds to trade claims and trade claims is efficient and very effective the trade promotional analytics will meet your expectation too. Sales execution defines to facilitate promotion sell in efforts with historical data and insights.
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