Why Does My Blog's Homepage Have No RSS Icon?

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I tried to do some site analysis but the results said they can't do it because my homepage has no RSS feed.

Sure enough, that orange icon is not there in the address bar on the home page, but it's there on each individual post page.

Is this normal?

If not, how can I fix this? Is there a plug-in?
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    Try going to your site plus /feed and see what happens. So in other words if your domain name is "smellycat.com" you want to go to "smellycat.com/feed/

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      Originally Posted by mikescos View Post

      Try going to your site plus /feed and see what happens. So in other words if your domain name is "smellycat.com" you want to go to "smellycat.com/feed/
      Okay, it says "404 error - page not found"

      The individual posts go to the feed site.

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    What's your URL?

    Is it wordpress? If not what's your CMS?
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    your feed is here :

    because you are not using custom permalinks, it appears this way. your blog is setup to lable pages and posts like this http://oopsartdesigns.com/?p=### instead of like this http://oopsartdesigns.com/postname/

    if you chnage your permalink to a custom structure (settings > permalinks) you will be able to address your feed with the more common method of http://oopsartdesigns.com/feed/

    but until then, you have to use the first version.

    you can read more on the topic here : http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress..._Your_Feed_URL

    as far as not having an icon, it's because of your theme. I don't know if it is supposed to have an icon or not, because ive never used that theme. if not, you can always put your own in a widget or something.

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    due to not using Pharmalink it was like that. i think you already have got your answer. be lucky with your site.
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      Thank you, everyone for you help!

      I went and changed it to custom permalinks and I was able to get the feed site.

      Still don't have an icon in the home page, but like you said, it could be the theme. Now I have to decide whether I need to change my theme. I kind of like what I have because I feel it fits what my blog is about.

      Will not having the RSS icon in the address bar hurt SEO?

      Maybe I should check a different theme...

      Anyway, thanks so much!
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    Now that you have the address of your feed you could add it to a sidebar widget. There are lots of free RSS icons available. Find one and then ftp it to your site's wp-content/uploads folder. Then add it to a sidebar widget with code something like this:

    <a href="http://yoursite.com/feed"><img src="/wp-content/uploads/rssicon.png"></a>
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    You just find your feed URL...something like yoururl.com/feed or /rss/feed
    I think its themes issues and you can build your own feed by yourself.
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      The sidebar doesn't show up on the home page, only on the individual posts page, but I think I will use your idea and put my own in any way.

      Hope this works.

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    i think you could stick it in the header easily.

    edit style.css and add class to the end to float an image to the right. something like this

    float: right;
    then edit header.php and stick your img tag (with a class="right" inside of it) toward the end, in between <div id="header"> and <div id="site-info">

    so, it willl look somehting like this :

    <div id="header">
    <a href="http://oopsartdesigns.com/feed/"><img class="right" src="/wp-content/uploads/rssicon.png" /></a>
    	<div id="site-info">

    or something similar. shouldn't be too difficult.

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      Solved it!

      Thanks, everyone, for all your help!

      Now I can forget about that problem and work on my blog.
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    Change another theme is faster than looking for the problem.
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