Secret 'Warrior Dojo' - You! A Six Figures in 6 Months Marketer!

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Welcome to the secret warrior dojo.

This temple you just entered holds highly dangerous and lucrative information, so please sit and stay a while if you dare!.

I have wanted to post this for a while, and get it off my chest, as 2011 creeps in, a new year, and a new start to our business year also, i think now is the right time and the perfect opportunity to post this and share it to help you in 2011.

I know that many warriors are set in their ways. Some people are failing, and some people have just taken off beyond their wildest dreams in 2010.

But forget that just for a second!

As a full time IM entrepreneur both offline and online, I will be the first to admit this game is very bizarre and I struggled too when I first started online.

It took me many screw ups,...many ups and downs...and much testing to get to where I am today. I make great money now, and I am not here to brag. I am here to see if you want to become a new breed of warrior. To pick up your sword and "slice up" more profits for YOU in 2011.

We are all human, and I have made some of the biggest mistakes ever. I am sure you have made some doozies along the way also. But at certain periods I have had breakthrough moments that were so powerful it has allowed me to earn thousands and thousands of dollars each month.

But as you sit in this dojo, the real reason for this post is to give you something that I have learned from the warriors in here that make Six Figures in a very short time period.

I am interested in your feedback ALSO. No matter what your thoughts are, please feel free to add them below.

2011 & The NEW Breed of Warrior!

This is going to come off sudden and maybe a bit brash. But..

A six figure income, even a seven figure income is possible for you - within the next 6 - 12 months!

Yes! I know, some people are going to get all fluffed up about that bolded text above, because it sounds like some hyped up headline you might see on a sales page. You might be thinking impossible!?

I am aware that there are all sorts of marketers and levels of experience in here. i.e. Newbies, Intermediate and guru type status (if there is such a thing)

I am also aware, and know several members in here that quietly make 7 figures annually. But lets forget that for a second. What I am talking about here is a new breed of warrior. A new paradigm and shift for those who do not care where they are right now. Whether you have been making $1 a month or $5,000 a month.

Here is what I want you to ponder on.....

Have you ever wondered why someone like Oprah is so successful?

I mean at an early age, this chick had many things against her, yet she was able to rise up, take charge and create a massive empire and literally create for herself an empire and fame that is second to none. Compared to other female entrepreneurs out here.

How did she get there? SIMPLE!....

It was by following a dream, with lots of hard work, and determination. If you have ever sat for a second and thought about it. Think of all the successes we have seen in the WF here in 2010. The newbies who earnt their first dollar. The people that cracked their first $1000 day. Or other that have broken above and beyond that.

It was all the effect of HARD WORK

Anyone in this forum that has created a massive empire will tell you it comes down to hard work. Even if you are outsourcing. You need to put in some good hours, but it all comes down to more work for more profits.

But lets say we had to put it down to just ONE THING!

It is almost impossible, but if this ONE THING, actually existed, what would you think it is. Well what do new marketers normally cry out for??

Stuff like :-

"I need the top IM marketing secret!"
"I need the exact steps to make $20,000 per month!"
"I need the perfect plan that I will follow religiously, give me all the A,b,c steps I CAN MAKE IT WORK, I PROMISE!"

What I have found is that this is common as in society we are hard coded to want to unlock the secrets. The perfect step by step plan is always just an arm lengths away.


I know some will disagree there. But I want to go back to Oprah for just a second. She knew where she wanted to go, but did she really have a plan?

Did she ever plan to have a :-

* Big time production firm.
* Change the lives of many people
* Have her own daytime talkshow
* Own her own world wide magazine
* Turn just her name into a brandable expandable business.
* Become one of the wealthiest women on earth

I am guessing the answer to these is NO!

Did someone lay out each of day by day steps on how to fulfill these desires? NO!

I am pretty sure she had no plan from the get go. She was just a young lady who anchored the local TV news and was committed each and every day.


I am not talking about a metallic object that has four wheels. She has something on which she could project a certain part of herself, her visions to the public. She had a headstart, even if she was unaware of it.

Most people do not even have a vehicle, a place in which you can share your thoughts, visions & subconsciously project your hidden desires to the universe. i.e. somewhere to stand on your soap box and project yourself.

I have noticed that alot of the successful warriors in here, and others including the millionaire IM'ers also have some sort of a VEHICLE. This vehicle helps create their step by step plan. It evolves, it creates itself and simply feeds off itself as time goes on. Just like it did for OPRAH, even if she was unaware of it.

So instead of sitting infront of your computer and thinking. DAMN! IF I JUST HAD A PERFECT PLAN I COULD FOLLOW....I WOULD BE RICH AND SUCCESSFUL.....

Toss that to the curve and think differently:

Quit looking for the perfect plan and start looking for the perfect VEHICLE!.

You might need to go back and re-read that statement several times and just let it sink in upstairs.

People like oprah tell us how easy it is. Yet time and time again we hear this and it never sinks in really does it?

We keep trying to strive to be perfect in everything we do / and market online. To stick to a perfect plan, we just simply forget the right path is sitting right under our nose.

You might be thinking, "I have been marketing for 5 years now online and I am just starting to get the hang of it all"

Did you have a plan? Did Oprah have a plan?

NO!, she was able to use her VEHICLES and everyday experiences to let her plan evolve. Her experiences and thoughts slowly became a vehicle where she was able to attract and get other women thinking that they are not slaves to the world and they are free human beings that have real emotions, and real consciousnesses.

Her thoughts and daily experiences were also a vehicles for actual day time talking concepts, themes and topics, that attracted huge audiences of people and allow their inner self to awaken. After that, the viral aspect spread around the globe and she become a very big success.

So think to yourself, how can you create a VEHICLE in which you can use to share with your customers, and others in your niche and turn what everyone is thinking about, their problems, their thoughts, their fears, what is playing on their conscious and ask how you too can turn that into a monologue and free communication in which you can share and allow others to interact.

When you can do this effectively, the ground begins to move for you. Your plan starts to evolve. Instead of seeing results each month, they are more obvious each and every day. Then your plan evolves even more.


Every time you sit down and scream about not being able to develop your marketing skills, or html skills, or what product you should be promoting. Sit back and realize that this is WRONG! You are doing things the opposite way to what the power of having a VEHICLE allows for you.


They think I have to :-

* Work out the best niche
* I have to commit to a plan
* I have to market and give people what they want to hear.
* I have to set up a website and plug autoresponder messages
* I have to have a sales page that converts at 2%

But realize that these would have just come naturally if you first put down your commitment to forming a vehicle and you worked that first! Things would work themselves out, and the plans would start to evolve and you would learn what you had to do next. Insted of having a plan. It would just start laying out infront of you like a train track.

I realized this along time ago and worked out I was doing everything backwards. I felt like hitting my head against a wall. I was trying to work out what I had to do perfectly and which order I had to arrange things in to make things work. Pretty STOOPED!

If you talk to anyone that is successful in any niche, they can related to things starting off slow, then the ground started moving, then the viral aspect came in, and profits increased and things actually got easier.

They will say they did not have 1 plan, or 2 plans, or even 3. NO! They simply found a nice vehicle, committed to a simple plan and then they allowed a further plan to develop from there virally.


Well that all depends!

Oh what?

Your ability to CREATE A VEHICLE apply and commit yourself to helping a specific type of customer and then allow yourself and your vehicle further actions and plans to take as the weeks wear on.

Not really what you expected is it? But when I realised this, the earth started to move for me. My plans created themselves and I saw more profits come in and I was actually doing less work.

So to you warrior, I ask.....In 2011 will you be adding this to your bag of tricks in order to make lots of money?

I am sure people will scratch their head and say this post is completely wrong. That I am off track and that this has nothing to do with success. And You are entitled to your opinion. But that is how many successful people and warriors are doing it.

Have you ever wondered why you keep buying 3-4 WSO's they do not work. Then you go back, and blow another $100 on another 4-5 of them....and YET.....STILL NO RESULTS!

Simple, you are searching for an exemplary step by step plan that might be perfect for one or two people.

But I believe even as you are reading this, that you are creating your own success. Everything you did today is forming your success and more plans for tomorrow.


No matter what level you are at now, and how much you have earnt. Have you ever thought about creating your success this way. It works wonders. it is my plan to take my profits to new heights in 2011. I am sure it will work for you too.

Would love to know what you think about this?

Or if you have a story?
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    Excellent post as ever
    “Thinking is easy, Acting is difficult
    And to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world ~ Goethe”
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve McBride
    Fantastic post sir! I have had some good success in IM just within my first few months, enough now that I'm planning on quiting my day job and do it full time. I have to say, the only reason I have had success so quickly is because I was fortunate enough to have some very wise people help me develop the proper mindset before I even started. And this post is EXACTLY the kind of thing that has helped me.

    Thanks again for some wonderful info! I hope a lot of people will take the time to read it. I have to admit, a couple sentences in it was looking like the beginning of a sales pitch and I almost clicked back. Glad I didn't! Haha.
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    • Profile picture of the author celente
      Originally Posted by TheSteve View Post

      Fantastic post sir! I have had some good success in IM just within my first few months, enough now that I'm planning on quiting my day job and do it full time. I have to say, the only reason I have had success so quickly is because I was fortunate enough to have some very wise people help me develop the proper mindset before I even started. And this post is EXACTLY the kind of thing that has helped me.

      Thanks again for some wonderful info! I hope a lot of people will take the time to read it. I have to admit, a couple sentences in it was looking like the beginning of a sales pitch and I almost clicked back. Glad I didn't! Haha.


      But feel free to send me a $1000 check anytime :p:p:p

      Glad to hear of your successes though. Keep up the good work.
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  • Profile picture of the author Alexandre Valois
    Amen to that.

    One thing I'd like to add that I truly hope will be food for thought for some people.

    Think portability. Can you easily move your business from one vehicle to another as opportunities arise?

    Are you creating content? Are you building a brand? How much is your goodwill and intelectual property worth?

    If you lost access to the internet tomorrow, what would be left of your work?

    You can't take your backlinks to the bank. You can't use it as collateral in a real estate deal. And people won't recognize you in the street because you have 1,000 authority backlinks or a PR4 website.

    I know, making enough money to live by and doing so under the radar is enough for some, and it can be a good business model to follow.

    But is it for you?
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  • Profile picture of the author Rukshan
    Nice write up. I want read it again and again.


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