How Is Your Business Model Evolving for 2009?

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Hi Warriors!

This weekend I was interviewed by Rob Toth for Dan Kennedy's Info Riches blog series and I loved the 3 questions he made me answer because it forced me to map out a plan for 2009 and what I discovered after thinking it through was that I'm veering WAY off my own beaten path and doing new things.

Not a totally new frontier for all marketers, but for me, yes!

For example, I don't feel it's enough to stick an eBook out there anymore and make money from it as a front end. I predict it will be more commonplace for the front end to be 100% free and really valuable (like we see a handful of big names doing now).

I also believe the eBooks will become more of a bonus than a product. The product will be more of YOU - more hand holding, more coaching, more hands-on involvement. This is going to make many people uncomfortable (hell, even I'm not 100% onboard yet but I'm getting there).

This is going to change the overall business model because you're just one man or woman - can't do it all. So individual entrepreneurs will morph into more teams. You'd better know how to find your teams.

What's your prediction for 2009 and where you're taking YOUR business?

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