I need Pre-selling help!

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Hi Warriors,

I want to give my visitors what they want.
But How do I get in their mind to know what they really want?

Any helpful tips and advice would be appreciated!

Thank You
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    Matt Carter has a good blog post about this very topic: Affiliate Internet Marketing Tips
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    Just get your hands on this masterpiece:


    seriously, this is the best resource you can find on the subject. When you are done, you fully understand the art of preselling.

    Beyond that, I say just spend some time in the copywriting forum and start reading some of the copyrwritng classics. While they typically talk about selling (vs preselling), the psychology remains the same.

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    For me the best type of pre-selling is to get them involved in your story as soon as possible. I read an article about a product just recently (sorry I can't find it) and basically it told a story of their experience with it, but instead of taking a positive spin they told all the sneaky things that they do (forced continuity etc) and then recommended an informative video instead.

    Just loved it and if I was in the market for that product I would have bought it without thinking.

    Getting involved in a story is my best advice.

    Hope that helps,
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    Originally Posted by Kev3l173 View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    I want to give my visitors what they want.
    But How do I get in their mind to know what they really want?

    Any helpful tips and advice would be appreciated!

    Thank You
    Hey there,

    I suggest you put a survey kinda thing on your website.

    Ask users to fill it out.

    Sim and Emilis
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    you often do buying ...
    So first think abut your self - what do you want from sellers.
    then just talk two or three other person and identify their choices that intersects that of yours.
    Then combining all opinion make a simulation - all possible facts.
    Choose best from them.

    Good Luck
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      Make this one easy on yourself. Go directly to the source.


      Find out where they hang out online: forums, yahoo answers, twitter, facebook, etc... start poking around.

      Look at highly viewed topics ... find repeated patterns in certain likes/dislikes/keywords/problems/wants/desires, etc. Find success stories, find "avoid ____" type posts.

      Basically see what questions/problems/wants keep popping up. And pay attention to what other people are suggesting in the post's replies.

      No need to guess at what they might be thinking ... see what they're already talking to each other about online and use those hot buttons to "get into their mind" to help presell on your webpages.

      It works ... and it's already there, ready for you to use!

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    See, most of these answers that are being posted are quite different from the types of preselling techniques I was talking about. Most of you are talking about how to write content that is helpful to your customers. While, I was talking about writing content that makes it easier to sell to a customer once they hit your sales page.

    This is a big topic, and I'm by no means a master, but I will give a couple tips off the top of my head:

    • The best headlines usually make a strong promise, and then article delivers on it

    • Always talk about benefits rather than features, and when needed use features to sell the benefits.

    • As said by Jimmy D. Brown, give information that is useful, but incomplete.

    • Remember people hate to be sold to, but love to buy. Make sure the article re-enforces their desire to buy--from you--without pitching the sale.

    • Ask loaded questions, that imply they're already in a ceritan position or already desire the outcome you're trying to push them towards. For example, instead of "Do you want to be successful?" ask something like "How much more successful do you want to be?"... see what I did there?

    • Try to get them to commit to a basic concept behind what the product is offering while reading your presell material. This way when they hit the sales page, they will feel they need to act consistent with their prior commitments.

    • When comparing solutions to a problem, give a unfairly weighted ratio of disadvantages:advantages to your competing solutions, and opposite to your desired solution. for example, 3 undesired solutions will all be presented with 2 strong disadvantages and 1 weak advantage, while the desired solution will be presented with 2 very strong advantages and 1 very weak disadvantage. This give the illusion of objectivity, while being anything but.

    ...And so on and so on.

    This is the kind of thing I consider preselling. And as I said, I'm only attempting to scratch the surface.

    I actually have a bunch of really good articles and blog posts bookmarked on this subject, but unfortunately, my internet connection is having serious issues and it would take me forever to gather them up and post them in here for you.

    Hopefully, some others will chime in wit their knowledge as this is a topic that interests me a lot, and I wouldn't mind striking up the conversation.

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    I've tested this closely for years and found the best way to pre sell is to not sell at all. You should be acting like the readers friend and telling them how the product you are discussing helped you... how it cured you of all the problems facing you... how it can help them.

    Get their mind in the place where they think if they buy this product, they will be happier/cured/etc.
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      You have a product or service... what is the main benefit of this?

      Your visitors are there to get that benefit, so show them a how to get them closer to their goal.

      Be it through a story, testimonials, results, or simply giving them free stuff which is useful but incomplete.
      Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
      You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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    keywords. I always thought the subject was boring. But keywords will tell you what people are looking for, how they are looking for it, and what they are thinking.


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      Originally Posted by David Maschke View Post

      keywords. I always thought the subject was boring. But keywords will tell you what people are looking for, how they are looking for it, and what they are thinking.
      Thanks dude.You are right.

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