Different Types of "Web-based" Membersites?

by warriorgo 3 replies

Was wondering... are web-based (digital, no physical goods) membersites all "standard"?

I mean is it always "monthly add-ons", where new information added on top of those info already there...

Or are there those that has new information REPLACE last months info?

Some examples would be nice. Have a good day!
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    well, my membership site builds it's membership on the web, about the web, and uses the web, but it's directive is to create mastermind meetup groups that meet once a week in real life to plot Internet World Domination.

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    In my new site, I am using a combination of the two, depending on the level of membership. In other words, the BASIC level membership has limited time access to some materials and the PREMIER levels have full time access.

    I do wish that the software I am using made it a bit easier to do this, but it isn't a big deal to do it manually.

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      There are no real standards. Some sites remove content after a certain amount of time, and others leave it there. Some add content every month, week, etc., some add less frequently.

      Also, some charge recurring fees, some don't.

      Some have interaction between members, some don't.

      What is best for your site depends on what you are trying to do with it.

      I would suggest joining some membership sites before trying to create your own.
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