How do you make your living/money?

by man5
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Share your stories please.

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    I'm a collage student. And I need a money to pay my collage and my living cost since I don't want to ask money from my parent. I work as a link builder, part time or full time, and I can make a good income from this, at least I can pay all of my monthly bill. And sometimes I buy and sell domain name for a little profit. Its really help to supply my Saturday night cost for The problem is, sometimes I have a good or big idea, but I have no capital at all to getting started, so its looks so bad. I hope I can make a good living income for the next year
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    When I first started I had this (or what I thought was a) great idea. I was going to drop ship a certain womens shoe product and make a killing by under cutting the market. When the high costs involved put the kabosh on that idea I went back to the drawing board.

    Without looking to hard I discovered that I could probably make some cash on the side with Google Adsense. After a little bit of success with that I was introduced to affiliate marketing and I honestly haven't ever looked back since.

    Being an affiliate marketer of physical products has allowed me to "sell" products without actually having to stock them, handle customer service, or accept returns. It's really changed my entire outlook on making money online.

    Today I'm starting to get into more content websites and profit from CPM advertising.
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    First of all I have start with free websites.. years pass and i start to make more professional sites and more...
    I start to use adsense.. some other ways and with cpa sites i got more money..
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    I cant say that Im already making a living right now but all is enough to pay for frequent bills every month. Well the $400 that I earn comes from freelancing as well. Im far from becoming a good article writer but I am consistently doing good with being a virtual assistant.

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    Affiliate marketing, building a list, now I am stepping into product creation.
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    Product Creation ++

    Lots of money to be made, but can be the most expensive if you want to create a top notch product.
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      Articles writing is the good part for the getting money,link building is also one of best.Internet marketing is one of the best method for the marketing that provides the opportunity also the environment to get success.Advertisement is also the best one.

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    I am doing Freelancing and affiliate marketing. Earning is not enough to make a living but can pay some debts.
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    My story is article writing and blog commenting. There are others ways to and that's with blam ads.. you can check it out if you want, the link is below.
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    I make money from SEO, CPA and Product Selling. At this stage I'm happy with $2k/month income. I want to hit Six figure income per year before 2014
    I spend money to daily life and like to travel everywhere :p


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    Right now I make my money as a paparazzi in Los Angeles and I used to make decent money flipping web sites and outsourcing PHP programming. I plan on substituting my income as an affiliate marketer
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      IM is not about one thing but getting all things to work together.

      I build Blogs.
      Article marketing,
      Affiliate marketing,
      Monetizing with Adsense.
      Build traffic.

      Finally flip them
      One word

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  • Profile picture of the author kckcki
    i would say my top money makers so far since 2008 have been

    1. cpa offers
    2. service offering
    3. outsourcing

    i have not been very fortunate with SEO and PPC such in the past at all.
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  • Profile picture of the author J.M.Wilson
    I have a pretty solid business model that I stick to quite vehemently. However, on the odd occasion I veer off to something else but quickly get bored.

    My main source of income comes from two places;

    1. Niche content sites built around solid, long term niche markets. I monetize these with simple adsense, clickbank and cpa revenue streams.

    2. Squeeze page -> give away product/content of extreme value -> oto -> upsell -> work the back end and lifetime value of each subscriber.

    I like both models equally. They are both extremely easy. Anyone on this forum could do them. Problem is, most people don't want to work hard and dedicate themselves to something for a few months in order to see a lifetime of fruition.

    Number 2 above is the easiest to get into. All you need is a domain name, hosting and autoresponder. You can be set up in a matter of 4 hours.

    Number 1 is more difficult since it involves a lot of content creation, seo'ing and such like but it is equally rewarding if done right.

    Hope that helps someone looking for some direction.
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  • Profile picture of the author kuzmo1
    At the moment, I look after/maintain a number of sites for offline business clients. That is my main money earner.

    I also dabble in site flipping, affiliate marketing and adsense.

    All adds up to more than enough to live on but always looking for more!
    Blogs and sites built. Express Service Available.
    Sub28 Web Page Design -
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  • Profile picture of the author almelo
    is it enough to make a daily living ??

    check out the bouwvak 2012 and feestdagen 2012 in the Netherlands!

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