Whats Your Plan for 2011?

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Hello Warriors,

First of all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I was very curious to know all your plans for 2011. Would love to hear them.

My plan is that I am making a product with my partner, and hopefully we finish it by Febuary, and that this product helps many people to make money online.

Also, I would love to make my own social website, like Mark Zuckerburg, LOL , but let's see, what this new year brings to me.
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    To increase my earnings and I'm going to open a movie site or a mini social website for my country
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    I would like to become better at what I do, and work towards being listed with the great female IMers that got listed in another thread.
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    buy new domain for my new niche
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    Merry Christmas to you as well!

    Here's the down'n'dirty version of my plan:

    1. Contact current clients and work out a commission process for referrals.
    2. Bang out a few high-quality content rich copywriting articles
    3. Shoot off approximately 5-10 uber-targeted, and well written emails to see how I can help some of the bloggers my prospective clients read.
    4. Build a relationship with them for the next few months by seeing what I can give.
    5. Seeing what positive direction the relationships can take.

    My goal is to add another $7,500 per month of consistent income.

    Just as a quick question - are you currently making money online? I know it can be easy to get caught-up in the glitz and glam of the internet marketing arena, but don't fall into the "guru trap."

    Good luck and God bless in 2011!

    JMJ -Lance
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    Make $3k+/day from 4k MFA's.

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    50% OFF WSO.
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    My goal is to make $1000/mo. Will try hard to achieve it in 2011.
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    treat my list like gold.

    It seems the more cool stuff and FREE stuff i give my list. The more money I make.

    Yes! the money is in the list. But the real money comes by creating a list that likes you and looks forward to getting emails from you.

    Doing all this can make me alot more money in 2011.

    Cant wait!
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      I am going to create 200+ Amazon review sites (outsourced) so that I'll have many more sites for Christmas season next year. This year I killed it with just 10 sites.

      Next I am going to create and launch 2 products. One in the IM niche and another in the health, fitness and nutrition niche. I really want to get into the Golf niche but am still working out my strategy for it. Maybe in the form of an Ipad app, not sure yet.

      I also have 2 PLR products in different niches that I want to get up and running next year.

      That's my plan of action for 2011.


      I'll teach you how to make money like a Mamba.

      Sign up for the free money mambas newsletter!

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    Merry Christmas
    I will finish my graduation. will try for corporate job and look for M Sc in abroad and of course as i will have free time will spent more time on online earning
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    To make a ton of Wordpress blogs, going after low-hanging keywords... do a lot of article marketing, profile links... you know the drill...
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    My 2011 Plan (slightly condensed )

    -Create 52 Squidoo Lenses to promote Amazon products
    -~60 articles for Article Marketing of various digital affiliate products
    -Build residual income writing articles for InfoBarrel.com
    -Create my own article directory related to IM
    -Grow RyanLucht.com + related social profiles to 1,000 fans/subscribers
    -Work on #1 rankings for BrainTrainingInsider.com, build an email list, and make money as an affiliate site
    -Build minisites throughout the year to promote various products
    -Continue to grow SchoolDestroyer.com by continually writing
    -Promote a Halloween Costume site around halloween
    -Create a network of gift sites for Christmas '11
    -Continue my consulting business, make sure that I have 4 clients that are completely outsourced + other clients + webdesign work + freelance writing
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      Nice Thread!

      My goals for 2011 are to finish the work on my first product, doing a launch and make 100k with it
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    For 2011? Do more of what I'm doing now, 'cause it seems to be working

    Taking it one day at a time!
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    Well, first to at least triple the gravity of my main product, and then launch massive product in the first quarter of the year. Finally, to make even more business contacts and continue cooperation with my fellow marketers
    Looking to Promote Amazing Product?
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    @Sim - Very timely post. I like it.

    I'm going to be doing a lot more guest posting in 2011 and building up my name in major authority type sites.

    I'll also be launching a new internet business in the pet niche. I'm really looking forward to this, however, I don't know a ton about this topic so I've got some serious learning to do.

    Other than that, listing building, making products, meeting people. Boo ya.
    www.500aMonth.com - This is my blog.
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      My plan is to take my current largest website to $100/day in adsense income. Then I'll do the same with sites monetized by Amazon and Clickbank to diversify.
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    My plan in 2011 to launch my own ebook and expand my online service throughout Bangkok.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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    Being more active in the forum and earn US$200 a day at least.

    Currently I make like US$50 at most
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      Originally Posted by colombiano View Post

      Being more active in the forum and earn US$200 a day at least.

      Currently I make like US$50 at most

      Yeah it's easier said than done.. but I would rather or majority of people would agree w/ the words saying " to see is to believe".

      Can you show me some proof of earning. I mean not a copy and paste from other website. Lol!
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        Kinda wonder why you only have 18 visit on this forum and you said you earn...

        Lol... sounds scammy to me...

        You don't know who's behind the computer.

        I'd Rather put also my own picture to show credibility or increase someone's trust. Not just w/ cartoonist pic.

        True and Indeed what I learn from the top marketer gurus.
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        Originally Posted by bradlean View Post

        Yeah it's easier said than done.. but I would rather or majority of people would agree w/ the words saying " to see is to believe".

        Can you show me some proof of earning. I mean not a copy and paste from other website. Lol!
        Why should I show you proof?

        I am just replying to this thread without any other intention, so why should I lie about my income?

        I think you are implying that all my income is from the internet, which is not the case.

        I have seen other members that don't show their names or faces and have good reputation.

        I am not an expert but I can help you out in case you need it. Let me know

        Happy new year!!!
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    I want to earn more money because 2011 is another year for me on College.
    Need money for my tuition fee and other expenses.
    Help me earn and i will help you on your graphic problem or any administrative support
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    it's hard to nail down my exact plans for 11 since my brain can race in so many ways, but off hand i would say to learn more and more of seo as much as my mind can handle. and continue to help execute plans for my clients to build loyalty. i also plan on expanding more offline work this year, with or without the help of commissioned salespeople, just an idea i've had. i'm pretty much out of the affiliate game now and more into the services arena, so maybe expanding the services i can offer to marketers and small business owners. have a few ideas there as well. the real world job has scaled up tremendously in the last few months, went from working just over 25 hours to now 40 or more, so that has had a pretty major iimpact on my plans. so really, over the next few months i have to come up with new daily action plans on how to expand, though i'm thinking i really want to make a push offline this year.

    happy holidays
    matt jersan

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    Still working on the exact details of the plan but it involves launching some new niche sites, and scaling what worked in 2010 for 2011. Little effort for lots of money (that is the big plan) :-)
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    Here are my plans

    1) Succeed in affiliate marketing (continuous sales everyday )
    2) Develop my first info product (topic : how I succeeded in affiliate marketing )
    3) Master wordpress ( for my own websites and offer services to others)
    4) Learn more about membership site business model (Ultimate success in my opinion)

    I am very happy now because I am not aimless as I was in 2009 & 2010

    Happy New Year


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    Plan for 2011 : Focused on adsense.

    And ... Happy new year !!!
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    To make it with offline marketing. I picked up a couple of really great WSO's this December on how to market services and I'm really excited to get things going. Also my article writing business is really starting to take off and I'm hoping to produce my fun money from that.
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    congrats for your plan. try hard you must complete your product and it will must help us to make money. i have not planned anything yet...
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    My objective for 2011 is to generate $250,000 in profits from my IM ventures. This will be accomplished with the following:

    Product Launches - Have at least 5 major product launches programmed for 2011 covering the following areas; Article Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation, Adsense and List Building with the first launch taking place at the end of January.

    Sports Handicapping Service - I've been developing the schematics for a sports handicapping website for some time now and hopefully I get it launched this year by September 2011.

    Home Based Business - This is actually my wife's business but I'm providing the marketing for it. Objective is to have her promoted to director by June 2011.

    Affiliate Sites - Have several that cover various niches but I probably won't focus on these until towards June/July 2011.

    Improve my Blog - Right now it just plain sucks so need to fix this as soon as possible.

    I also have 3 original products in different non-IM niches that I want to get up and running on autopliot this year. I'd be happy with 1 sale a day from each of these niches.

    That's my action plan for 2011.

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    Make More Money And Spend More Time With Your Family By Becoming A Scentsy Consultant - I Provide Personal Assistance And Help With Growing Your Business.
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    The co. that I work with will sponsor four at risk children nutritionally for an entire year each time I sign up a customer or associate. This means, statistically, one life will be saved. My goal is to save the lives of at least fifty children. The products are all natural but scientifically formulated, so they work. I should have no problem with my goal.
    Natural products developed through modern science.http://stanandannettecooley.myunivera.com/
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  • Same as it has been every year for the last few years. Expand my business and build it into a million dollar business. Only for the first time this year, I'm actually making some money
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