How to get Wordpress theme w/ Header?

by relton
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I am new to Wordpress and just uploaded a bunch of themes to my site but nothing changes except the color. Are there any themes that are free that come with header on them?
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    There is one called Ad-Flex SEO, Google it you will find it. It has a header and also you can put lots of headers in a folder and this theme will rotate them. A very nice feature.
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    I tried this and customised the header that comes with the themes, in the images folder of the theme you'll see a blank header that you could edit and replace the current one that will the Vertigo logo.

    you can find more of Brian's themes at


    if you want an example of the Revolution Blue in action check elpassoblog(DOT)com you can see the header has been edited.

    sorry had to remove the direct links as I've not made 15 posts yet. I'll PM them to you.

    hope this helps, Harry

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    There are lots of beautiful free themes, and also a few premium ones that worth the purchase. I recommend you search 'free wordpress theme collection' and you'll find some awesome results.
    You can probably edit the header with Photoshop or have someone do it for you for like $5. Learn to outsource properly because it will help you a lot in the future.
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    If your searching for free wordpress themes just do a simple search on
    Google. Use keywords like "free wordpress themes""free wordpress templates"
    etc... You'll find bunch of sites on the top 3 pages of the results that are
    offering free wordpress themes and templates

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    You can make a free wordpress theme look custom by getting a nice graphic header done by a freelancer...I pay about $10 to $20 via a few freelance sites like scriptlance and really like the simple designs they do for me once I tell them what I need.

    You will first have to tell them the size of header graphic needed and let them see your blog so they can design a header that matches the rest of the theme -

    - an easy way to do that is while in firefox, go to your newly created blog, while your cursor is on the header image, right click and select 'view image' and that takes you to the url of your current header image - just provide that to the freelance and tell him/her you need one exactly that same size - and now you know where to replace your existing header image with the new one via ftp upload.

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      I appreciate the feedback but I was probably not clear in my question, here is what I was wondering:

      When I get free themes from wpthemesfree DOT com, you see a nice looking header on the sites but after uploading the theme to my site I wind up with nothing more than a changed color and no header.

      Is there a place to get a new theme and it gives you the header too?
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    Do you copy them to their separate folder in the templates folder, and after you've done that do you activate the new theme in the admin panel?
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    When you login to your Wordpress control panel, if you are using the latest version of Wordpress click on the 'Design' tab. All the themes you have loaded should show up. Click on the theme you like. When the preview loads in, on the top right corner there is a link that says 'Activate Theme.' Once the theme has been activated it should show up when you click 'View Site.'

    When you upload your theme are you putting it into the 'Content' folder? If themes are uploaded anywhere else they will not show up.

    (Are you uploading the themes using and ftp program or by using the control panel? It is easier to upload via ftp but if you are using the control panel someone will probably come along and step you through the process to make sure your themes are being fully loaded into the content folder. I use ftp, so can't help you with the control panel uploads.)
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    Have you activated the said theme? As Val described above.

    Also give URL to your blog then it maybe easy to give you exact reason
    why it is not working for you....

    Best Regards,
    Mohsin Rasool
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