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Hi, I just grabbed my domain for the german IM niche and now I want to attack it very hard.

The domainname is makemoneyonline . com , but in german, so it is a very good name. I´m so happy about it.

Well, how can I check my actual rankings in google for several keywords?

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      congrats Martin,

      I don't know how is competition in Germany, but the
      domains are good.
      I live in Switzerland, but in the italian speaking region,
      in the south.

      I have a couple of german domains I think are good,
      but did nothing with them, maybe you could be interested
      in developping them together, they are:


      what do you think?


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          I thinkg verkaufenonline is a very good domain name!

          Sorry, will be some time off the forums to establish my Joomla Site by today and all the things I want

          I´ll pass by tonight and check the forums after work is done.

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            Hi Martin,

            It's great that you got this domain but it's not very difficult to get a good german domain name with a .com domain. The most praised domains in germany are the .de domains. The people just feel more confortable with them.
            Nevertheless if you do the right things then you can make it to climb in the ranking.
            To reach the top for keywords like "online geld verdienen" and "geld verdienen im Internet"
            will be really very difficult. So try at first with long tail keywords.


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