How Can I Find New Website Registrations For A Certain Niche!

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Whats the best way to find newly registered domain names for a certain niche.

I've created some Google alerts for my keywords and it will most likely pull in a
bunch of affiliates registering domains names promoting the new site.

I'm trying to find these new companies before they get thousands of
affiliates promoting them & then get my cpa company to sign them up.
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    Recently Registered Domain Names And Whois Lookup
    Many many pages of registered domain names, listed by date of registration ;-)

    Edit: You will have to weed through those yourself, as far as I found, no free service exists that let's you search the domains. But it is a work of a few minutes to program a scraper that will weed through the pages of this site and pick out the domains that contain keywords you enter.
    Think you would be able to find a programmer who does that for 10$.
    I'm currently only beginning to get back into programming, but if you shouldn't have found someone to do it for you within a week, you could message me and I will do my best to solve your problem in exchange for a small something, but I have to tell you that I'm not a professional programmer and my software would not look anything fancy, but probably only open a simple DOS-window and execute what I tell it to do.

    My German site about sleeping problems, review of the squeeze page appreciated: Schlafprobleme

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    There's no way to do a keyword search like diet, weight loss etc
    I would have to go through thousands of domain names.
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      Newly registered domain name list can be found here but again looking for domains registered in particular niche, even i would be interested to know this.

      www. domain-daily. com
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    Yeah, this is a tough one. I usually look through the Whois directory manually, like Bashty suggested. The good thing about the cumbersome-ness of the process is that when you hit on something good, you're not racing to register it first. Getting a programmer to help you is also good advice-- it would certainly streamline the process--I've never considered that option.
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    Thanks I'll think about building a bot I've got a program that can do it.
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