Why Is YouTube So Powerful (FREE Video Here)

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Why is YouTube having such a powerful impact on the lives of people using it?

Here's a video I stumbled on that talks about the YouTube phenomenom from an anthropoligists viewpoint and reveals why YouTube is so successful and why we find sites like YouTube and the Warrior Forum so compelling and addictive.

More importantly the guy who presents this video has created videos on YouTube with:


Do you think you might get a few useful secrets from someone who's had over 9,000,000 views of his videos on YouTube and counting?

(This is a long video at 55 minutes but it is VERY entertaining and there are some real marketing gems in here if you're paying attention)

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh
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      Long video but it does have some interesting commentary on the way YouTube has impacted and changed cyberspace.

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        Very cool video. Very poetic.
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          Thanks for sharing the video
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            Yeah, I watched that when it was one of the featured videos on Youtube the other day. Interesting stuff!
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              I always wondered how much actual site visits one can get with a video that gets, lets say 50.000 views....

              50 actual visits? or more? anyone?
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                Incredible video.

                And it's about much more than just YouTube and Web 2.0

                Real insight as to where we are as a planet, global community, and they psyche of the population behind the computer screen.

                Worth watching for sure.

                Especially if you want some market reserach on the total Web 2.0/video population. (Completely untargeted, but still very interesting.)

                You might learn a bit about yourself in the process too.

                Thanks Andrew!
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                Originally Posted by macchiavelli View Post

                I always wondered how much actual site visits one can get with a video that gets, lets say 50.000 views....

                50 actual visits? or more? anyone?
                That depends really heavily on how well the video drives your viewers to your site.

                My wife has a non IM site that gets quite a lot of traffic from just one video on YouTube.

                Ironically it's a really crappy video with no sound but it does tell people at the end to go to the website for a free report.

                So your click through rate can be quite low or quite high.

                Some tricks like calling your video "part 1" and requiring them to click to your site to see part 2 can help.

                As can having the link to your site right at the top of your written description.

                On YouTube you're probably doing really well if you're getting click through rates to your site of over 1% but I have heard of people getting over 50% click through rates from videos that were designed to do that.

                It would be interesting to see what experience others here have.

                Kindest regards,
                Andrew Cavanagh
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