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by MCD
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One of the most critical factors in your long term success has to be the relationship you build with your list of subscribers.

It just makes sense, because if you establish yourself as a leader then the people will follow. Those with questions seek those with answers. When you constantly provide them with real value, both free and paid, then they can see that you do in fact know what you are talking about. I believe that people respond better when you have their best interest at heart, instead of dollar signs in your eyes.

Have you ever gotten the SAME EXACT email from 4 different people? Seems to me like these people just want to push their crappy software on everyone.

Any input or advice on the subject?
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    Definitely relationships and providing value is the only way to build true success!
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    I am subscribed to several big names....and it feels pretty bad when these GURUS send me the same emails. They take email from the JV page and send out to the subscribers. Shouldn't they write a short review of the product so I could know what exactly I am getting into?
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    Without question, building relationships and using only "white hat" marketing techniques are enormously important in all aspects of business. Always remember your social graces, both in real life and on the internet, as the benefits cannot be overstated.

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    Originally Posted by MCD View Post

    ...Have you ever gotten the SAME EXACT email from 4 different people? Seems to me like these people just want to push their crappy software on everyone.

    Any input or advice on the subject?
    Yes Mike,

    Everyday, i'd receive the same email from 3-4 different people. Sometimes even from 6 different people. I realise that most of these senders are people with a very huge list. So, when the latest 'shiny' product comes out on clickbank...they'll send you the same email for the same product.

    If I'm in a good mood, I'll see which of them have good bonuses or 'bribes' to entice me. Most of the time I just don't buy from them. 1 thing I hate about these people sending these emails = They'll put in the effort to 'spam' you but they will not put the sasme effort to chat with you or answer your email.

    So, YES. Building a relationship with your list is very important. Its a journey, and there are lots of things to learn. getting interactive with your list does help.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Building a close relationship with my list was something I was not good at. I think as most of my income comes from adsense sites I never really got into list building and email marketing in a big way..but after making a big effort from trying to sell to a list over to trying to see my list as a single person…and treating it as a person I am starting to see great results..And the other side of relationship building that I know relies is even more important is the relationship with other marketers..
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