Is Rapid action profits instant commission sales management system hard to setup?

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Is Rapid action profits instant commission sales management system hard to setup?

This is for a product I will be submitting on Rapbank. I want to make this as easy as possible and do not want to get too frustrated in the process. Anyone use it? What about the 7 dollar script is that a good alternative? Any more alternatives that you would suggest?

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks
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    Originally Posted by entrepreneurjay View Post

    Is Rapid action profits instant commission sales management system hard to setup?
    If you can read a user's manual, and follow the instructions therein - then the answer to your question is NO, setting up the Rapid Action Profits instant commission sales management system is not hard.

    Is it "push button" easy? Not really. RAP is not "wordpress", with a simple cpanel fantastico installation matrix.

    Is it worth your time to learn and implement the powerful system that is RAP? I think so...

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave
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    The 3 parts you are working with is the install, product set up and RAP Bank integration.


    Create a database and upload the whole rap_admin folder to your site. Set permissions on config.php to 666. Go to your web browser and type in

    It's a 4 step install and will ask you for info at step 3 for your site, i.e. admin/pass, contact addresses, PayPal address, etc.

    Once done, delete install.php, reset config.php to 644 and log in.

    Product set up:

    There's an example product folder that comes with RAP. The tmpl folder has the HTML pages RAP uses for different functions. Since they are HTML, you can edit them to suit. Leave the PHP tokens intact, as they perform functions the script will use for different purposes.

    You upload everything to your server. If it's the only product you have on your site, then upload the product folders and files to the root directory. If you have a blog or multiple products, you will need to upload the folder as is.

    Then you go into RAP admin => Product Mngt. and select add new/edit. This will open up the product settings page. There are info balloons for each setting that are fairly self explanatory. The there are additional settings that go with the product that you access from the same section of the nav bar.

    This will be the hardest part you have to deal with, but once you get past the first one, it all starts to make sense.

    RAP Bank:

    Log into RB and look for the page to download the add on for RAP. Upload it to the rap_admin/add ons folder, then in RAP admin, go to the add on section of the nav bar (at top). The drop down menu will show the add on in red. Click on it to install.

    The you should come to the page where you insert your RB key and that should do it.

    Seems harder than it is, but it's easier than anything I have ever worked with and I love it.

    Hope that helps.


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