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You know how sometimes you write a long, related comment, hit the submit button and are met with a blank white page? or taken back to the top of the post with no evidence that you were ever there? You were expecting to see that old familiar phrase "Your comment is awaiting moderation." But you get nothing, nada, zip.....

What the heck?

Well, if it is a WordPress blog where you were trying to leave a comment, then this most likely means your ip address has been "akismeted!" Your comment went straight to the spam comments section. That means some previous blog owner labeled one of your comments as spam, and hit that "Mark as Spam" button, and that sent you to Akismet H*ll.

How to check if your IP is living in Akismet H*ll
1. Go to one of your own word press sites (it must have akismet plugin activated for this test) and be sure you are NOT logged in. Leave a comment on your own blog.
2. Log into the site and go to the dashboard. Find your comment. Is it marked as a spam comment? If so, then your IP is in Akismet H*ll.

How to get out of Akismet H*ll
1. Wait it out - takes three to six months of not commenting and then you will suddenly be able to comment again
2. Use a proxy when commenting

It has happened to all of us. It just takes one zealous wordpress blogger to hit that "Mark as Spam" button. And you won't get a notice that it has happened. That white blizzard screen is your unofficial notification.
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    I noticed the same white screen when I tried to comment before but I was suspecting it is because of the old version of wordpress site that the webmaster is using. Anyone who has a different idea?

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  • Profile picture of the author new12world
    its really a nice info ... even i tried in so many wordpress blogs and watched white screen after submitting my comment .. but now i will take care of it..
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    I spent the better part of the night time working on how to do for Blog Commenting. After being inspired by this post I can now say, this is very usefull stuff. Now I know how to improve my comments with all these great tips and tricks.
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  • Profile picture of the author Hexor
    Comment writing is something of a new art form, and as many people who get comments will tell you, some are great and some are horrible. In fact, I've embedded a hilarious video at the bottom of this article of some girls from YouTube doing a rap song about the awful comments they get on their videos. It's called "Yo Comments are Whack," and it's worth the time.
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  • Profile picture of the author TurnKey Internet
    This has been frustrating me for a while now and I couldn't figure it out. Thanks so much for shedding light on the issue! Now to bite my tongue for a few months, any advice on how to do that?
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