Can This Be Done With Godaddy?

by John Derrick 2 replies
I have a new business address, and I want to update all my domains with Godaddy at the same time, WITHOUT updating the "name" because that rings on the 60 day no transfer rule, and I may want to go to namecheap.

When you have over 50 domains it can take a LONG time to update every one individually...

When I select 2 domains (or more) for some reason (gee, I wonder why?) it requires me to agree to the 60 day no transfer policy.

Anyone know if this can be done or not?

I moved a dozen domains to namecheap last week because they have a great sale on transfer fees and free privacy. It was NOT a quick process though.
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    Go to your admin section and select all the domains you want to change and then make the changes. It should change all the selected domains at the same time. I don't think it will ask you to agree to the 60 day no transfer rule.

    If you get the rule flash then I would call the number for customer support and tell them what you want to do - they should do it for you.

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    I contacted godaddy by text instead of calling them. I prefer a written record of replies from companies I do business with, unless it is an such as hosting down, etc.

    So the answer is NO, if anyone is interested. Godaddy will not let you bulk update your address without making you agree to not transfer for 60 days.

    Here is the reply I received,

    Dear John Derrick,

    Thank you for contacting Online Support.

    We apologize for any confusion in this matter. When you edit on the bulk contacts all the information has to be re-entered even if you put in the same information. Follow the directions below to update your domain's contact information in bulk:

    Below this part is instructions how to do exactly what I asked about.

    So I have to decide... do I want to type an address into 50+ domains one at a time, or bulk update and promise to stay at Godaddy for 60 days....

    I'm also concerned that Google may see a new WHOIS update as possibly a new owner when it comes to SEO and link counting.
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