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being a guy here in the philippines, I have staff managing multiple things for me and i often give them a bunch of links I harvested or had someone gather it for me and I tell them to check it or analyze each one. it takes them quite sometime to do it and give me certain info that i need.

but it takes them quite sometime to open links etc get them to sort through etc. I tried to search for a simple software --even considered getting one made, but it turns out there is something available and i'm not affiliated to it, just thought it would be useful for people.

URLOpener Productivity Tool- Open multiple websites at the same time

I was pleased to find this so i'm sure it might be some purpose to you. I have my guys do manual bookmarking,content posting etc and thoguh there is roboform it's still tedious to open one each. now they just paste the links open it and use roboform to input password.

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  • That's actually pretty cool, I'm going to forward this to my assistant! She could definitely use this.
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    I see it in my blog site analytics all the time. I always assumed it was SEOs mass opening blogs to comment on.
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    Pretty cool stuff! This will be a big help.
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