Stop offering your business models, winning systems, great ideas, etc.

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Enough already!

I'm sick and tired of reading about all the great business models, winning systems and great ideas for making money and developing a successful online business.

There are far too many ideas to actually utilize so why keep adding more - every hour - every day - every week... Who has that kind of time to try everything that comes along?

For the past few months, I've sworn off reading about, buying and trying anything new. My efforts have been far too scattered and ineffective. It's time to stick to ONE system long enough to see whether or not it will work. There are suggestions and systems sitting on my computer that I'll never get to trying.

I've stopped reading emails with the next "great idea". Promised myself I wouldn't buy anything else. It lasted 2 months. And then, last week I ended up buying a hot trends product and now, Eric's recent offer. I just finished reading a thread offering yet another business model that is easy and hands-free. A few days back, it was something else.

It's time for you to stop now! My 'Warrior Stuff' folder is crammed full of great ideas that I'm just dying to try but just don't have the time.

But seriously....

Thank you so much Warriors! You have terrific creative minds and ingenuity. You could keep all this fabulous advice and ideas to yourself, but you share it all with the rest of us. Generosity is good.

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