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Hello everyone i am new to the forum. Just wanted to introduce myself.
my name is Luis Gonzales I have been Internet marketing for about a year now.I have made some money but nothing to brag about. I have learned
most everything by testing different things. But one of my main problems is
creating my own content for my web pages and projects. I have watched
many,many,many videos on you tube.When i came into to this i did not know
much about the computer pretty much just how to turn it on. I want to thank
everyone that has made the tutorial vids on youtube.This made it possible for
me to save quite a bit of money instead of having to buy these different training courses.But now have have a small list and know the basics of list building and affiliate marketing I am ready to grow.
And start building my blog and some different projects. If anyone has some good advice it will be gladly
appreciate it!
#content creation #learning #newbie

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