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Hi Warriors,

I hope someone, preferably a wordpress expert, can help me.

I've been using the UAW plugin on my blog and since then, the site has been getting more traffic from 12 million alexa rank to 1.2 million in about 30 days.

My problem is that my blog is now loading really slowly.

Affiliated Commerce | Content Directory

I've tried changing the wp-config to allow more memory. I've tried changing the htaccess to do the same. I've tried the following plugins:L

Super Cache

and many more with no results.

My fear is that the site will begin to decline since it is taking so long to load fully.

I would appreciate any help, comments, etc.

Also, If there is such a thing as a wordpress expert on the forum, I would not be apposed to allowing that person to have an admin spot on the blog if they can fix the problem and help me optimize the site.

The site is starting to make a little money from adsense but it isn't really monetized yet but once this problem is fixed, me and whomever helps me solve the problem can share monetization.

I hope that this is not inappropriate for the forum but I really do need help and am desperate to get it.

Thanks Warriors,

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    a few suggestions...

    1. you have an awful lot of script widgets running - all of which rely on the other site supplying the content of the widget...

    3 x adsense, 2 x clickbank, 2 x amazon, 2 x paydotcom, one by optin form, and the toolbar banner.

    cut down. keep in mind that most of the action is above the fold anyway.

    2. use the "scripts gzip" plugin to sped up the javascript widgets

    3. you might want to consider using a 3 column layout - since your category list is miles long...

    and put it to one side.

    4. use the "excerpt editor" or "post teaser" plugin to just show excerpts on the home and archive pages - and prevent the same (whole) article from showing up on main, single, archive, tag, category, ans author pages.

    this way it just shows excerpts on all pages except the single post page.

    also, if you go to three col's and excerpts, you won't need so many widgets to fill up the sides right down to the bottom.

    keep in mind that most people land on a single post page anyway - and only some of them explore the home page.

    if your ads go down any further than makes sense on a single post page, it is a waste.

    your blog

    your call

    just my 0.02c

    Ex-ghostwriter now writing exclusive PLR ebooks - Limited PLR Club
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    Definitely cancel out any plugins that you don't absolutely require. I deactivated heaps on a site that was loading with turtle speed and now it flies.

    You can check your site speed here just in case it's something slowing down on your own system and not for other people. FYI, your site loads fine for me and the speed test results say it loads in 0.03 seconds. That's pretty decent.

    Lastly, since you mentioned it started getting slow when you added the UAW plugin, contact support there and see if there's a compatibility issue with another of your plugins or scripts.
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