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This picture reminds me much of what we see not only in Internet Marketing, but in life.

At least here in the forum the great people here want something better though some still are like zombies following one thing to the next without actually acting on their own.

What responsibility do we all have to fix this?


I say it is a personal responsibility to take your own life under control and take responsibility for your results.

To become bigger and better as a person.

To see an opportunity like the plethora of awesome products here or on your hard drive, and choose to open the door of success in your life and not close it constantly.

You have the decision. You have the choice.

It's so easy to criticize others, to look for their faults. That way, it means you won't have to take any action. You can look for the next great product. You won't have to stretch out of your comfort zone and raise the bar.

You won't have to take the chance of failing.

So many doors have been opened for you to achieve.

Take some time to focus on what you really want and just see what you are really capable of.

Focus involves eliminating options until you have so few moving parts that work actually gets done.

You think Frank Kern is Big? Nah. I say you can be bigger.
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    Originally Posted by Brandon Ellis View Post

    You think Frank Kern is Big? Nah. I say you can be bigger.
    I've never seen Frank Kern naked, but I'm pretty sure we're comparable.
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    I installed Plants Vs. Zombies on my new DS computer i7 950 with a Nvidia 470. So far the games I have loaded on it work fine except Plants Vs. Zombies. I can play it fine in a small window, but at full screen it has 4-5 black lines that flash on and off vertically on the screen. I tired to do the compatibility mode but have been unable to correct the issue. Will I be stuck only playing it in a window? Thanks for your help in advance.
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    Its funny that members of warrior forum also play plant vs. zombies, i thought they only focus on thier bussiness and i thought only money was the one who rule their world. but im wrong @ Topic, failing is part of life and growing, you will encouter this everytime you gamble your money, you will either win or lose but still, you'll win if you have the guts to prove them that you have to!
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    You know, this boils down to people being afraid of taking personal responsibility for their own success, choosing instead to push the responsibility/blame on Gurus or some new-fangled system.

    You'll never succeed that way. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for your own success, or the lack of it. No one else is, and the sooner you realize this, the quicker you'll get on the path to success.
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    Lol, I thought I would be the only one playing Plants vs Zombies.

    Feel free to ask me any IM related questions or add me on skype :D
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    Hmmm... I'm more of a Peggle fan.
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    Yea right on guys! People need to take personal responsibility instead of blaming others and honker down and get to working!

    Norb I was waiting for the punchline too!

    p.s. The game itself if that was what this was about is really addictive though!! Just sayin'

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